What Barack Obama Threw Away

Below is a link to a video on YouTube:

I encourage you to listen to the whole thing, but especially to a particularly heartbreaking stretch that begins at about 20:30 and goes to about 21:15.

First a tiny bit by way of background: The video is a C-SPAN interview — that takes place somewhere around 2004 by my estimation —  of David Horowitz, the former left-wing firebrand of the 1960’s, turned right-wing firebrand today. In the above-mentioned section, Horowitz lists several significant facts, to wit:

  • The Bush (George W.) Administration liberated 50 million people.
  • The terrorists are on the defensive and have not been able to attack us in about three years. (the hint that places this interview at about 2004.) [Editor’s Note: One of the Bush Administration’s undisputed successes was the failure of any terrorist organization to launch any other significant operations on American soil on Bush’s watch.]
  • We have now an intelligence base in Iraq, which is on the border of two terrorist countries.

All gone now. All of it. Needlessly tossed away by Barack Obama, along with the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, and the hard-won freedom of those same 50 million people.

Here’s what Barack Obama brought about, replacing what was there already:

  • The 50 million people liberated by the Bush Administration’s military efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq are now either threatened with re-enslavement, or have been re-enlsaved …. or murdered.
  • Barack Obama gave up a stable, democratic, peaceful Iraq to instability and chaos … and large swathes of it he abandoned to ISIS.
  • Any hope of gathering vital intelligence from within Iraq or Afghanistan is long, long gone.

Moreover, tens of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, are dead. Men, women, children, old, young and all points in-between, who just several short years before were looking forward, with what could have been called reasonable hope, to a life under freedom. A life in which they could reasonably hope also to obtain an education, and maybe even some prosperity, in a country unfettered by fear or the daily terrors of life under totalitarian cutthroats.

All gone. Everyone talks about Obama’s “legacy.” Obama’s most significant bequest to the world is: slaughter, brutality of a barbaric ferocity, enslavement, torture, terror around the world.

If history is honest — never a sure thing — death and human suffering are the things for which Obama will be most remembered in the next decades and centuries.(1)

— xPraetorius


(1) While Obama did his level best to run the domestic American ship of state aground, that effort, while effective and devastating, was not entirely successful. His efforts to undo the liberation of 50 million people were wildly successful.

Of course, Obama will deny that the re-enslavement of Iraq and the descent of Afghanistan into chaos and anarchy were intentional, but we on the right repeatedly warned against what we knew would happen if Obama abandoned those two countries too early. It can’t be said that he never heard the naysayers.

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