GREAT Idea for a Television Show

Guaranteed hit! 

One hour long. Prime-time. Called something like: “People Talk” or something like that. Here’s how it would work: Gather various experts/pundits — let’s say, two Conservatives and two Liberal idiots — then find,  literally, the first person off the street who has an hour to spend talking to the cast. No matter who it is. No matter where he or she is from. Make it an adult.

Then, grill the man/woman-on-the-street (let’s call him the MWOTS) on policy issues, and on how they might affect him/her.

The rules are simple:

  • The pundits have to treat the MWOTS with total respect. He’s the source of really important understanding for the pundits. Understanding how that dude or dudette thinks is really important information.
  • The experts/pundits have to communicate with the MWOTS in a way that he will understand, so that he can respond in a manner that provides insight into how he, and those like him, think.
  • No making fun of the MWOTS! Period. Ever. He is to be treated with utmost respect. If he says something that confirms a point of view, as he surely will, then it’s permissible, no, encouraged, to make fun of another expert/pundit … but not of the MWOTS.
  • As the MWOTS provides ammunition to a point of view, as he surely will, the experts/pundits may show affection/admiration/approval/respect for him, but never hostility of any kind.
  • To identify the potential MWOTS, a Conservative and a liberal idiot, together, need to go out into the street and find random potential MWOTS. The incentive to be that day’s MWOTS: $500. Above and beyond the expenses involved in getting him from where he lives to participate in the one episode of “People Talk.” That way, when a person agrees to participate, he will have received monetary encouragement from the left and the right. Five hundred dollars will end up selecting, mostly, middle-class and poorer people. That’s a good thing. Remember: he/she has to be random, and he has to come from anywhere in the country.
  • The potential MWOTS must be willing to give extensive demographic information, so that the television show can produce information as to how various demographics think.

Think about it! I’d watch that show! A lot! Eagerly! Every day! It’d be as good a show as Tucker Carlson Tonight! Tucker Carlson is nothing less than the finest television commentator on television today.(1)

— xPraetorius


(1) That is, until the great Mark Steyn establishes his own television show on CRTV. I’d make the same suggestion to the great Mark Steyn. He could do something like my suggested show as a regular feature.


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