My Suggestion for a New Cabinet Post

Let’s call it: “The Secretary of What We’re Going to Change” His job would be simple: to inform the President what his predecessor would do in response to something.

President-elect Donald Trump has a massive opportunity(1) now. He can put a policy/doctrinal exclamation point beside anything he does, by acting either in obvious opposition to what the previous President would have done, or in agreement.

That opportunity made itself abundantly clear in the recent kerfuffle about Trump’s having accepted a congratulatory phone call from the President of Taiwan — or, as we (correctly) refer to the nation: The Republic of China.

In taking that call, and in referring to the caller — one Tsai Ing-wen — as “President,” Trump, the critics said immediately, “legitimized” Taiwan as a nation.

My comment: “Hoorah! ‘Bout flargin’ time!”

It should be noted that the United States hasn’t recognized The Republic of China — Taiwan — as its own nation for decades now. Instead, our country has said, to our everlasting shame, that the government of “The People’s Republic of China” — Communist China — is the “only legitimate” government of China.

How does anyone refer to a government that made Hitler look like a Campfire Girl, the government that is the bloodiest, most mass-murdering regime in human history, as … “legitimate?”

One answer to that rhetorical question is this: One stops. And one refers to the government of Taiwan as a legitimate nation. And one sticks a prominent, metaphorical, middle finger in the eye of the pile of bloodthirsty, tyrannical, despotic crap called the “People’s Republic of China.”

Yes, yes, yes … I recognize the geo-political realities of today. Okay. The position I’m recommending above is concerned with what we’re going to change.

It would be a spectacular change to grant, in our foreign policy, full-blooded -fledged, -out, -blown nation status to Taiwan …  and to signal to Communist China that we’re not going to take any flargin’ crap in the South China Sea. If we’d done something similar in 1940-41, we might have prevented the Pacific part of the Second World War. Read that last well.

— xPraetorius


(1) Don’t forget, I’m no fan of Donald Trump’s. Peruse through my recent posts — those from just before the election — to verify this. I voted for him, but my main goal in doing so was to diminish the victory, if only a tiny bit, by Hillary Clinton in my home state of the People’s Republic of Connecticut.

I did reduce that victory margin in my silly home state by … exactly one teentsy-weentsy vote. My huge ( 🙂 ) desire was that the Republicans keep the Senate and the House of Representatives. Interestingly, my paltry one vote did absolutely nothing in support of that admirable goal. However, I was thrilled to see that nationwide, as a country, as a people, we achieved that selfsame admirable goal. (Imagine undignified, victory dance, overloaded with glee and schadenfreude here.) 🙂 If not with my help. Despite my puny efforts — one vote — the stomach-churningly execrable Richard Blumenthal, and the lamentable John Larson remain in office. Yuck!


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