Hillary Clinton – Risible Buffoon

North Korea very recently did another nuclear bomb test. In response, Hillary the genius said, “North Korea and ISIS want nuclear bombs. We need to have missile defense.”

Wow! What a great idea! I know! I know! I have a catchy idea for what to call it! How about something like “Strategic Defense Initiative!”

Oh. Oops.

Morons like Hillary Clinton made sure that we never got anything like a “Strategic Defense Initiative” more than 30 years ago.

It was something that would have ensured that even if psychotics like Kim Jong Un of North Korea, or some baboon at ISIS were able to strap a nuke onto a ballistic missile, it would be useless. We’d have had more than 30 years to find out how to blow it out of the sky long before it ever made it to the U.S.

Now, though, more than 30 years later, Hillary says we “need missile defense systems.”

I wonder whether she and all the rest of her idiotic, left-wing ilk will apologize to Ronald Reagan who imagined and supported the idea of missile defense … more than 30 years ago.

Don’t hold your breath.

Hillary Clinton’s thinking is more than thirty years behind the times, and she calls herself, “Progressive.”

Hillary Clinton — risible buffoon.

— xPraetorius




2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton – Risible Buffoon

  1. Hillary is such a wealth of ignorance on top of obtuseness that it doesn’t surprise me at all she made such a statement. The problem is most of her supporters are just as dumb and so they either don’t know about Ronald Reagan and his Strategic Defense Initiative and how vilified he was by the Left for it, or they just plain don’t care because, well she’s Hillary.

  2. Neat summary, Tricia! Absolutely true!

    I remember the vilification Reagan took. He was called an idiot, senile, war monger, bellicose, etc. The tone of the condemnation was a down-the-nose sneering, jeering smarmy condescension that has been the hallmark of the left since I’ve been alive.

    What’s funny is that when, as inevitably happens, the left is shown to have got it wrong, again, by that time they’ve completely forgotten about it. And why? Well, they’re not too bright.


    — x

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