Bottom Line: If this not standing for the national anthem jackassery becomes “a thing,” I’ll stop watching football. Just like that. Completely. Totally … and never again.

That’s me. Thoroughly disgusted.

I enjoy watching football(1). And I’m a New England Patriots fan.

Now, though, I’m increasingly watching multi-gazillionaire football players kneel down at the playing of The Star Spangled Banner, and whine about America and just how horrible it is here for anyone who doesn’t have a lily-white skin. If this becomes “a thing,” I’ll stop watching football just like that.

If some moron on the New England Patriots — the New England Patriots for crying out loud! — decides to “take a knee” during the playing of The Star Spangled Banner, and the team doesn’t get rid of the creep, then I’ll become an ex-Patriots fan overnight. I’ll toss football out of my life, just like that.(2)

Okay, you self-obsessed, whining, ignorant, multi-millionaire morons — go find a better country … and go there.

Mind you, these people aren’t whining about any particular laws or policies or anything. They’re sniveling about who we are. They think we’re all out there brimming over with hatred of people whose skin is darker than ours.

Oh, they think that there’s something going on with the cops and black people, which is all part of a Big Lie. They believe that fiction because they’re stupid, and too lazy to read up a bit in order to, you know, find things out for themselves before they make complete jackasses of themselves.(3)

Well, if they don’t like us, they should just leave us. They’re rich, they can do it. They can go to some other country … where the residents are better people than we are. Surely they can find productive work there, right? Surely these other, better people in that other, better country will greet them with open arms, and they’ll be able to play some other, better sport there — American football isn’t all that big in other, better countries — that’ll pay them as much as, or more than, they make now here.

Get lost! Go whine somewhere else. The rest of us have to get up and go to work every day to feed our beloved families. We don’t make as much money as you, but we understand something you’re apparently too stupid to understand: If you did it, then that means it’s possible for anyone — especially for people who don’t have lily-white skin — to do it in America.(4) Sorry, but that says nearly all you need to know about America, and it’s something you sniveling wretch football players should understand too.

Now, get up, and stand up, for the national anthem of the greatest, freest, finest, most generous, friendliest, most opportunity-filled country the world has ever seen.

Get up and applaud for the country whose systems and structures, whose businesses and people, have made you a rich man. Get up and shut up, and get a real, sincere lump in your throat at the playing of the hymn that stands as one symbol for the country that liberated people who look like you… and that then liberated hundreds of millions of others around the world.


— xPraetorius


(1) Though I’m coming to the realization that American football can’t last much longer in its current form. So incredibly dangerous, so abusive, so punishing to the physical near- and long-term well-being of the players, and there’s no need for it. A game can evolve that contains every bit as much of the drama, and the incredible physical accomplishment of today’s football … without the through-the-roof violence.

(2) I mean, after all, if I wanted to watch self-obsessed, puffed up ignoramuses playing stupid games, I can watch C-SPAN replays of DNC leadership meetings. Or Hillary For President rallies. Or Bernie Sanders speeches.

(3) This is at least partly because of the fact that today’s professional athletes are unidimensional, full-time, 24/7/365 athletes, with no time to have a real life. As professional athletes pursue ever more distant records, they have to devote more and more of their days to the pursuit of their sport … or fall behind, and out of their sport. And it’s not as if someone like Colin Kaepernick can just go out there and work somwhere else. Heck, he might have trouble getting a job as a WalMart greeter! As recently as the 1970’s, pro athletes had other jobs as well. Why? Because their sport paid them more sanely. After all, let’s face it, they’re not doing anything actually important. Not as important as, say, a doctor, a developer, a software engineer, or a carpenter.

(4) Right, Mr. President?

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