Astonishing! The Media Continue To Argue With the Dead Shooter of Orlando

Let’s call him Doofus el-CamelJumper instead of his real name. No need to give the dirtbag any additional notoriety.

Well, here’s the jaw-droppingly remarkable thing. Ever since it came out that Doofus el-CamelJumper — let’s use “DeC” — shot up a gay bar in Orlando, Florida, killing 49 people, the media have been arguing with him. Telling him that he wasn’t really a muslim after all!

DeC had been calling himself a muslim for many years, and had been exhibiting all the muslim tropes all along. He regularly made disparaging remarks about gays, Jews and women, and allegedly physically abused women. He said, again for years, that this was all about his Islamic faith.

Then he went into the Pulse nightclub in Orlando and started killing people. Just before his spree, though, he called 911 and instead of reporting an emergency, went on a screed in which he “pledged allegiance” to ISIS, the Islamist goons now torturing, decapitating, burying and burning alive men women and children in the Middle East.

But… after the dust began to settle, the media did nothing but argue with him!

“He wasn’t a muslim!” they sneered. They gravely intoned things like, “It seems likely that, despite the shooter’s pledge of allegiance to ISIS, the deadly shooting rampage in the Orlando nightclub had nothing to do with Islam after all! He wasn’t ‘radicalized’ at all, but rather exhibited all the classic signs of the murderous sociopath who goes on such a killing spree because of past abuse.”

And presto-changeo! Doofus el-CamelJumper, blood-soaked murderer of 49 Americans, was — a victim!

Below are some snippets of an interview on CNN, in which the interviewer tried to exculpate Islam, the doctrine in whose name so many thousands of dirtbags do so much evil today. First, here’s an interesting comment the interviewee makes:

CNN asks Manji what she thinks about [Doofus el-CamelJumper]’s radicalization and the subsequent claims by moderate Muslim groups that the shooting had nothing to do with Islam. Even as the host asks this question, Manji rolls her eyes. “So moderate Muslims use the Mantra ‘this has nothing to do with Islam’ because they are not willing to face the fact that there are regressive verses in the Koran,” she tells CNN.

Oh? Really? Thousands around the world cite the Koran as they murder thousands and thousands and thousands of innocent people, and “…there are regressive verses in the Koran.

Ya think?


“But when moderate Muslims say this has nothing to do with Islam, that is rubbish. After all, here was this gunman who shouted ‘Allahu akbar!’—God is greater. Now, that doesn’t mean that he was motivated only by religion but clearly there was some religious symbolism that helped incite this incident.

Emphasis added. Ya freakin’ think?!?

Did you see the key word in there? It was: “only.” Let’s face it: the act of going into a nightclub and spraying hundreds of unarmed people with bullets absolutely requires a psychotic. That DeC was a crazy, bonkers, spittle-dribbling, over-the-edge, gibbering, padded-cell-bait wacko is surely beyond dispute. This is the kind of nutjob who thinks of himself as normal, while the rest of the world around him is nuts.

Yes, Islam was only part of what motivated DeC to murder 49 Americans, but it was a significant part. It was the part that contained the rationale that the psycho el-CamelJumper needed in order to justify in his mind the murders of 49 Americans. That “rationale” is what a psychotic can latch onto in order to justify acting on inchoate feelings of anger and hatred.

Let’s take a brief look at the rest of the Islamic world’s reaction to the shooting in Orlando, shall we? Here’s one:

Headline: Pew poll: Between 63 million and 287 million ISIS supporters in just 11 countries [Emphasis added]

The Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organisation and its supporters are reportedly celebrating and praising the man who launched the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil single-handedly, calling him “one of the soldiers of the caliphate in America.”

Here’s another:

In a statement broadcast over its Al Bayan radio station, ISIS dubbed Mateen as “brother” and called the shooting spree which the latter initiated “a security raid in which he was able to enter into a gathering of Crusaders in a nightclub for followers of the people of Lot (a reference to homosexuals),” the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports

And some more:

Several ISIS-linked Twitter accounts have also praised Mateen’s actions, according to the Daily Mail. “One account posted Mateen’s picture with the caption: ‘The man who carried out the Florida nightclub attack which killed 50 people and injured dozens.'”

Another account, now deleted, reportedly “gloated over the deaths using the #Pulse hashtag. ‘We swear to Allah that we will kill you everywhere O disbeliever.'”

Rita Katz, SITE director claimed the ISIS militants have been “celebrating the shooting as the best Ramadan gift.”

That all came from here.

Then, we find this:

A new poll by the Pew Research Center reveals significant levels of support for ISIS within the Muslim world. In 11 representative nation-states, up to 14 percent of the population has a favorable opinion of ISIS, and upwards of 62 percent “don’t know” whether or not they have a favorable opinion of the Islamist group.

That was here.

Do you think that there might be one or two tens of thousands of psychotic wackos within those 63 to 287 million worldwide ISIS-sympathizers?

Even now, some sixty plus years after the end of World War II, we view people who sympathize with Nazism as disordered individuals. People with something wrong in their heads. Troubled people in need of psychological intervention of some kind.(1)

It is now safe to conclude that Islam is a mental disorder. It is also safe to conclude that the Islamophilia of the national media is also a mental disorder.

I swear, the media are like hungry dogs confronting a piece of steak. They always, always, always act as you would expect. No exceptions. As if they’re pre-programmed, mindless drones.

Every time, something like this happens, without exception, they scrabble frantically to find some reasoning — anything — to support the idea that Islam was not even the teentsiest-weentsiest part of the killing spree.

Someone like Doofus el-CamelJumper could be spouting his Islamist flapdoodle for years, for everyone to hear, making no attempt whatsoever to hide his devotion to the psycho doctrine, but then he shoots up a nightclub… and the wacko doctrine is nowhere to be found, according to our intrepid news media. And, that’s exactly what happened.

Finally, can you imagine the media reaction if the same guy — Doofus el-CamelJumper — had gone into that gay bar and, shouting that he was a Catholic and loved Jesus, shot up the place?

How many media personalities do you think would have rushed frantically in to find some way — any way! — to show that he wasn’t a real Christian at all, but rather a troubled victim of “past abuse?

— xPraetorius


(1) It is important to note that “psychological intervention” doesn’t mean anything these days. After all, it was the American Psychological Association that, bowing to political pressure, declared that homosexuality was no longer a mental disorder. Sadly, “psychological intervention” these days means nothing more than trying to get the subject to conform to whatever the APA’s political thinking of the day is.

Psychology, like climatology, and other “sciences” has been gutted of anything resembling scientific thinking or scientific disciplines, replacing it all with Lysenkoist(2) support for a political ideology.

(2) After Trofim Lysenko, a geneticist who, in the 1930’s and ’40’s, perverted the study of genetics, particularly as it pertained to the role of heredity in organisms, to make it conform to the reigning Communist ideology of his native Soviet Union.


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