Orlando Again — Some More Thoughts

Bottom line: A deeply disordered psychotic went into the Pulse nightclub and murdered forty-nine other disordered people. 

This is the post that will garner the vitriol, because it will pull no punches.

Here’s the sad, sad, indisputable summation of the Orlando massacre: A deeply disordered psychotic went into the Pulse nightclub and murdered forty-nine other disordered people.

Pretending that Islam is normal, as the media have been frantically doing since 9/11/2001, doesn’t make it so.

Pretending that homosexuality is normal, as the media have been frantically doing for much longer, also doesn’t make it so.

As more and more disorders are re-defined as “normal” in our society that struggles desperately to pretend that I’m Okay – You’re Okay (when, really, many are not… okay, that is), there’ll be more and more of these clashes between groups of disordered people.

Both Islam and homosexuality — are mental disorders. The people who are in thrall to these two seductive disorders are not… “okay.” And those who are deeply involved with either disorder are very not okay. They’re deeply disordered people, as the Orlando shooter demonstrated with horrible clarity last week.

Likewise, people deeply in thrall to homosexuality are deeply disordered. Gay people, out, proud and living the lifestyle … die at a much earlier age than normal people. Someone once said that homosexuality shouldn’t be called a “lifestyle,” but rather a “deathstyle.”

Gays are vastly more promiscuous than normal straight people. Promiscuity among all people is associated with a wide array of threats to health and well-being, like STD’s, drinking and other substance abuse.

Gays are vastly more prone to physical and mental disorders than normal straight people. They’re vastly more subject to exotic and strange injuries involving implements such as lightbulbs, broomsticks, vegetation and small animals than normal straight people. Why, you might ask? Simple: since gays don’t use their sexual apparatus in the normal way, they ‘re constantly in search of other, more exotic, ways to stimulate themselves.

We do no one any favors by pretending that their disorder is normal. The American Psychological Association all the way back in 1997 or so declared that what they knew to be fact — that homosexuality is not normal — was no longer a fact. They waved their magic wand and declared that homosexuality, now, is normal!

Now, mind you, there’s nothing scientific that could lead anyone to this conclusion. And, in fact, I can prove that homosexuality is not normal with a teeny-weeny thought exercise. Ready? Okay: What would have happened to the human race if, say, a hundred years ago everyone  had become a homosexual overnight?

Well, the answer to that is pretty simple: there’d be no people left on earth today. Homosexuality, taken to its logical endpoint, represents the extermination of the human race.

Can you imagine the (perfectly correct) hue and cry that would erupt if the American Medical Association were to declare that, say, cancer is no longer to be viewed as a disorder? “What are you, crazy?!?” they’d say. “You’re abandoning cancer sufferers to their fate!” they’d cry. “You’re killing us!” they’d lament. And they’d be perfectly right.

That’s exactly what the American Psychological Association did to homosexuals. All those things: abandoned them to their fate, and … yes, the APA then became complicit in killing them. Because homosexuality is a deathstyle. And if you say that someone involved in a deathstyle is just normal, and that you decline to treat his homosexuality, then you are complicit in his eventual death.

Is it any wonder, then, that homosexuals are also vastly more prone to another tragic outcome in life than straight people — suicide?

The way men and women are configured, and have been configured for millennia, proves beyond a reasonable doubt that heterosexual sexual congress is the only normal way to have sexual relations. If you debate this, then you’re either a sophist, and would willingly argue that 2 + 2 does not = 4, or you’re a perfectly brainwashed drone of today’s America.

Islam is like homosexuality in many respects. It’s a militant doctrine that teaches its followers that a whole raft of aberrant behaviors are … normal. Go out and just kill infidels? Normal. Crucify children? Normal. Burn people alive? Normal. Bury people alive? Normal. It’s all there in the Koran. When ISIS does these horrors in front of all the world, they are claiming divine justification from the Koran.

Taken to its logical conclusion, there can be no other outcome for the current disagreement between ISIS and the west than the destruction of one or the other.

ISIS and its followers and supporters believe that normal people should die, and the means — gruesome or otherwise — matters not. Just that you and I should die.

Likewise with homosexuality. Use odd implements for sexual gratification? Normal. Play with the body of someone else of the same sex as if he or she were of the other sex? Normal. Put this foreign object in there? Or there? Or over there? Normal. Constantly risk all manner of exotic and potent diseases and bizarre injuries, to which straight people are almost never prone? Normal.

Taken to its logical conclusion, the result of homosexuality is the spread of misery, despair, loneliness … death, as far as the eye can see. Homosexuality and Islam are two of the many mental disorders competing for the “mindspace” of the world today. There are many other disorders out there as well. Pornography, Socialism, secular humanism, substance abuse, atheism. They’re all out there and they’re all competing actively for your children and mine.

Islam, though, actively encourages its followers to murder those whose hearts and minds it doesn’t capture. Needless to say, this also is not unique to Islam. Socialism enjoys killing its opponents too. It’s why we coined the terms: “Socialislam” and “Fascislam.”

While Islam and homosexuality have many similarities, Islam is Socialism. It’s Socialism gussied up with a bunch of Koranic twaddle, in order to give it the patina of divine approval.

And Socialism is serfdom. It’s serfdom gussied up with a bunch of academic flapdoodle and big words, to give it a patina of intellectual respectability. Take a look at how the people in Islam-dominated countries live. If the word “serf” doesn’t come to your mind, then you’re not paying attention.

Bottom line: A deeply disordered psychotic went into the Pulse nightclub and murdered forty-nine other disordered people. 

However, that the forty-nine victims of Orlando were also mentally disordered doesn’t in any way, obviously, excuse the psychotic murderer’s act. His disorder, plainly, is of an order of magnitude more ugly and destructive than homosexuality.

The problem: as we mentioned above: As more and more disorders are re-defined as “normal” in our society, there’ll be more and more of these clashes, some violent, between groups of disordered people.

— xPraetorius




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