The Paranoid Delusions of the Left and the RGI (Part MCXXVIV) (Part IV)

The last (probably) of the mini-series resulting from Abagond’s post here, exhorting black Americans to do what they can to get more free stuff.

In my most recent posts on this topic, I pointed out how Abagond’s readers — who support his racism! — post replies to his posts that are as effective at debunking Abagond as anyone who tackles his “thinking” straight on. Sometimes, these supporters also give us glimpses of other aspects of their “thinking” as well.

In this reply to Abagond here, a commenter, a certain “Biff,” muses on how, once white people are conquered, to keep them down.

I’ve reproduced Biff’s post below, with additional commentary [inline, in square brackets and red font, as is my wont. 🙂 ]

Biff’s reply to Abagond:

Interesting post. A few observations:

1. By far the most prolific poster on “My Advice to Black Americans” (and probably on this site in general) is someone who isn’t one, and he tries to make every post about Asians. [Lol! What? The rest of Abagond’s herd is not producing enough? They need to get cracking! Seriously, though, they don’t have much to say, and they say it over and over and over and drearily, and tediously, and monotonously over again.]

2. abagond said “the vote that keeps the current racist arrangement of the US in place will soon sink below 50%.” How has that worked out in countries where whites already live side by side with POC as a minority, e.g., in Central and South America (or even South Africa)? Is it better to be a POC in Central or South America than in the US? [Biff doesn’t answer his own question here, but the answer is not mysterious: non-white people — all people — are better off in America than anywhere else in the world. 

It should be noted that an argument of mine has long been that if America is so racist, then why are non-white people doing everything possible to come here by the millions? Abagond himself is an example of this. He’s an immigrant from Jamaica. He came here too, to this supposedly racist hellhole that he describes. Abagond’s very presence here makes of him a walking, talking, writing debunking of his own ideas!

He can’t get away from it. If he says he’s here for the economic opportunity, then he shoots his own ideas down. If he says that he’s here to try to change things, he bumps into my point: in this supposedly “oppressive” country, he can say anything he wants, wherever and whenever he wants without fear of negative repercussion. If he leaves to go back to Jamaica, his exit will be a lonely one, as he will be accompanied by almost no one else. 

I have mentioned elsewhere that all you have to do is look just a bit and you will find that the left and the Race Grievance Industry are overflowing with contradictions that, ultimately, make all their whining look kind of silly.

Biff follows up on his “thought” in his point #4, below.]

3. lola said, “The best way to overcome racism is for Africa to improve – dramatically… no one can deny that most African countries have huge strides to take before they gain respect internationally.” This is a very perceptive comment. It may be as true 100 years from now as it was 100 years ago. [This is quite a condemnation of the people of Africa! And by extension, of people of African descent. Holy mackerel! Is Biff inadvertently implying that Africans have so mucked up Africa that their only hope is to go elsewhere and take over countries where they are not, yet, in the majority? If so, his assessment of the current and future state of Africa seems to indicate that they would then turn those other countries into hellholes like most of Africa today. I have long said that the best thing that white people did for black people of today, is to being their ancestors over here as slaves hundreds of years ago. Biff seems to confirm that thought in his point #3.]

4. “What can be done to stop the next enlargement of whiteness?” Promise all POC massive reparations–or maybe an ongoing tax on whites (implemented globally so that whites can’t just flee to other countries). [And here we come to the meat of Biff’s post. It appears to Biff as though the only way to keep white people down is to crush them under burdensome taxation, or something. Otherwise there’ll be simply another “enlargement of whiteness (whatever that is.)” Biff is saying that if non-white people take over countries where whites are currently in the majority, then they, the non-whites, will be as bad as, or worse than, what they say whites are today! This is an absolutely astonishing indictment of non-white people. It certainly would seem to justify keeping non-whites down so that they don’t unleash the great terror they pretend that whites are engaged in now! Remember, we’ve heard this before. Here, for example. There are enough black people who have swallowed the hatred-laced snake oil that the RGI is selling, that this is not an insignificant current of thought.]

That’s the “thinking” of “Biff.” Like most of the “intellectual” output of the RGI, it’s pseudo-intellectual twaddle dressed up as an attempt at thoughtful analysis.

Just as revealing is the post that follows Biff’s maundering. In that post, a cretin who calls himself “Kiwi” says the following (here):

Kiwi’s reply to Abagond:

I forgot one more:

10. Be wary of people of color who align themselves with white supremacy.

Examples include Michelle Malkin, Elaine Chao, and Amy Tan. With legs wide open, they swear allegiance not to principle but only to the highest bidder.

Classy, Kiwi, real classy.

Lest you are tempted to think that the RGI is not a bunch of racists themselves.

Does Kiwi, the piggish clodpole who speaks of women this way — women who simply disagree with him politically — think he can be some kind of spokesman for anything worthwhile? Would you let your daughter associate with this slimy pervert? His reply does, though, allow you to see how Biff’s state of mind is not an isolated phenomenon.

These are the people Abagond associates with. They’re the ones who populate his little amen chorus, who write in to express all the incoherent, slapdash hogwash that constitutes the canon  of the Race Grievance Industry.

The fever swamps of the RGI are revealing, if they’re nothing else worthwhile.

— xPraetorius

3 thoughts on “The Paranoid Delusions of the Left and the RGI (Part MCXXVIV) (Part IV)

  1. x – this “mini-series” is brilliant! I hadn’t noticed all the contradictions, but you’re right. They’re all there. I’ll be bringing this into the classroom for my students come September. Please do more like this. Your dismantling of the leftist/racialist mindset is brilliant and we need to see more of it. I especially like your NPR Watch series. Who would ever have thought to pick them apart like you do? I have listened to them in frustration too. What they say is so off the wall and so behind the times and so obviously lobbying for leftism that I used to find myself yelling at the radio. I finally stopped listening to them.


  2. Thanks, Viewer! I do have some more series in the hopper and I intend to keep growing the blog for a while longer, and adding staff that will allow me to take on more of these projects and series.


    — x

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