The Paranoid Delusions of the Left and the RGI (Part MCXXVIV) (Part III)

Abagond’s post — here — jam-packed as it is with moronic codswallop and slop, is a blogger’s gift that just keeps on giving! I focused on one reply — “SnailHail’s” (here) — that debunked both the premise of Abagond’s post and Abagond’s entire worldview!

That was because, while SnailHail’s reply was every bit as whiny and racist as Abagond’s, it did contain some perspectives that indicate that the entire Race Grievance Industry is just one big fraud. The RGI’s basic premise is: America is a country just brimming with white hostility toward black people. In SnailHail’s post, and the one below, we will see that not even the pawns of the RGI actually believe that.

It said, in effect: “We blacks have to go out there and work hard to succeed and gain for ourselves the credibility that will prove all those racists wrong.” SnailHail operates from the simple assumption that it is possible for black people to succeed and prosper in America! Of course, in a racist country, such success wouldn’t even be thinkable. In a racist country, especially one such as Abagond describes, SnailHail would be under no such delusions, and would not be able even to post such a post.

But he did.

Well, guess what. SnailHail was not alone! In the same thread emanating from Abagond’s first post, was the reply below, from a  certain “LookingForAnswers” (I’ll call him LFA). Now, remember, this reply by LFA is supposed to be in support of Abagond’s premise.

However, in his reply, LFA inadvertently demolishes the thinking — to be charitable — behind Abagond’s original post, saying much the same things as SnailHail, and indicating that if only black people would go out there and succeed, then they could set about to overthrow the awful, oppressive white power structure preventing them from succeeding.

Huh? Yep. That’s LFA’s premise.

Have I mentioned that the RGI are a bit confused? The reason is the vast array of contradictions, like LFA’s, that they all have to overlook to believe as they do, not the least of which is that they whine and complain about all the terrible oppression around them in complete safety, not in the slightest worried about any repercussions whatsoever from those scary, wascally white people.

Sooner or later, everyone except the stupidest or the most dishonest, who whines and whimpers about how terrible it all is, while never suffering any repercussions for such bellyaching, and while probably (statistics indicate) accepting some of many forms of government handouts, realizes that just maybe the things they’re complaining about are not all that bad, if they exist at all.

I’ve added some commentary [inline in square brackets and red font]:

LookingForAnswers‘” reply to Abagond:


I think you left some very important things out:

1. Believe in and encourage strong two-parent families and taking fatherhood seriously, almost like being on a mission. My father wasn’t there for me so I’m practically obsessed with being a good father to my kids. [This is good, commonsensical advice, but if you are white and you point that out, you are automatically blaming the victims and you’re a racist for even presuming to point out what everyone knows: the black family is in a shambles, and it’s largely the fault of widely available welfare that has replaced the indispensable father in the family. When I mentioned the idea that black people might see what they could do to fix their families, I was called the usual litany of things: racist, liar, stupid, uneducated, ignorant, crazy, etc.]

2. Focus on education and have a desire to succeed! Become obsessed with getting good grades and focusing on more merit based occupations that depend on results like being a doctor or lawyer, not corporate jobs that is more about nepotism or who you know. [Whoa! “LookingForAnswers” is completely off the reservation here! Everyone knows that in a racist country, black people can’t become doctors and lawyers! Those are positions of power, prestige, income. How in the world could LFA  think this is even possible? In reality, though, LFA confesses that he knows that America simply is not a racist country. Not only does LFA indicate that with hard work and focus — things demanded of all people regardless of race — black people can become doctors and lawyers, they then, says LFA, can find work in those professions, avoiding having to work in corporate America like most other people. LFA here simply echoes my five points: If a black person (1) gets an education, (2) works hard (3) speaks well, (4) gets along well with others, and (5) presents him or herself more or less normally, he or she can succeed in America. More to the point, he or she will face no more obstacles than anyone else of any other race. When I pointed all that out, I was called a racist and a liar and stupid, and all the rest. ]

3. Become financially literature [presumably LFA means “literate” here] and understand how money works. Understand credit reports early and buy property as soon as possible. Get life insurance! Get health insurance! [LFA goes even further off the RGI plantation here! What good would being financially literate do in a racist country? Surely the white oppressors would never let black Americans obtain money, and power and stuff. By becoming, say, doctors and lawyers and things. Would they?]

4. Travel outside the country so you understand that not everyone thinks about us every day and most people go on with their lives. [Oops! Whoa, there, LFA! You mean that white Americans are allowing black Americans freedom of movement?!? So they can leave the country whenever they want to? Surely, then, there must be a mass exodus of black people trying to skedaddle out of this racist hellhole if that’s the case! Wait, there’s not such a mass movement of non-white people trying to leave America? How on earth could that be?!? Oh, yeah. I forgot: LFA all but says it openly: America is not a racist country.]

5. Do not be obsessed with the opinions of Whites or about their feelings. Life is not about gaining their approval. [Sound, if racist, advice. The proper way to say this is, of course: “Do not be obsessed with the opinions of anyone else, or about their feelings. Life is not about gaining their approval.” One of the problems with black states-of-mind is not that they obsess on the opinions of white people, but rather over the opinions and feelings of other blacks. The admonition not to “act white” is not because they’re worried about the opinions or feelings of white people, rather they’re worried about disapproval from other blacks.]

6. Shun criminals in the community. Do not co-sign bad or destructive behavior for solidarity sake. [Lol! I almost fell off my chair laughing at this one! Again, when I pointed out this simple truth, you should have seen the tsunami of invective, hatred and bitterness directed at me. I was a racist, a liar, an ignorant, hateful, crazy, uninformed so-and-so… all for pointing out what LFA just casually tosses off in his post.]

7. Read the New Jim Crow [A book. Not familiar with the content, but it is written by Michelle Alexander, who is, I believe, a member in good standing of the Race Grievance Industry. Her premise is something to the effect that the disproportionate presence in prison of black people constitutes de facto racism — the “new Jim Crow — and white supremacy and all the rest. Without having read the book, I can guess, however, that none of the misbehavior that landed blacks in jail is the fault of those same black people. Just a guess. An important point: if I’m correct about the premise of the book, then that would be a double indictment of the American left. Since, the original Jim Crow was a product of the Democrat Party, the new one is most likely a product of today’s welfare state. Can you imagine the howls you would hear if you were to promote the idea that America get rid of welfare?]

8. Read How to Arrest Proof Yourself [Wait… you can do that in America?!? No white person can. Lol! LFA’s premise is, of course, that white people are already arrest-proofed by virtue of the color of their skin. No, they’re “arrest-proofed” by the fact that they commit far less crime per capita than black people. Maybe black people should consider doing less crime, then police would be a heckuva lot less hyper-sensitive to black crime than they are now. Yes, I admit, the cops are hyper-sensitive — correctly as it turns out — to black crime.]

9. Do not wait on White Society to take the lead solving problems in the Black Community. [Finally! Some common sense! If you read Abagond and my other favorite — BrothaWolf — you find out that all black people’s problems, their misbehavior, their pathologies are really the fault of racist white people. When a black person kills another black person, as they do year in and year out in horrific numbers, you see, they victims are really victims of white people, who even though they didn’t pull the trigger, they might as well have. Got it? Black people are to blame for nothing, so LFA here is in a state of complete heresy, and if he were to pursue this line of thought would soon find himself accused of being a white racist.]

10. Trust but verify. [A throwaway line from President Reagan. But, if LFA means it, that means simply that he believes white people to be trustworthy. If they were racists, how would that be possible?]

Like “SnailHail’s” post, this by “LookingForAnswerscompletely demolishes the premise of Abagond’s post (this one), and throws into doubt Abagond’s entire worldview, based as it is on his belief that black Americans are awash in a sea of sullen, bitter animosity coming at them from all directions from white Americans.

Abagond must be thinking, “Man! With friends like these, who needs enemies?!?”

Next is Part 4 of this mini-series! Coming up! In it we learn what a future society would look like. A society in which the RGI gets all its current demands. Remember, for such a society to exist, it means that people have generally accepted the racist flapdoodle that is the current RGI canon.

Imagine with me, if you will, such a society. It’s a society in which the tables have turned, and black people are in the seats of power, and pulling the financial levers of the country, and as the commenter indicates, the world. What kind of a majority population would they be? We’ll explore this in Part 4, where we see how the Abagondians think things should be in that society.

— xPraetorius

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