The Drudge Sampler (Edition VII – 5/5/15)

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Yeah, everyone knew this would happen. But wait’ll you see whether Cuba authorizes ferry service to the United States. Don’t hold your breath. Cuba would have a population of two — named Raul and Fidel — inside of a week.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Duh! Ya think?

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Quick Reaction: More from Steve Wynn, apropos of the previous item. I hope Wynn’s not just noticing this now. Where was he some months before the 2012 election? The American economy has been heading south… from tottering, to declining, to wretched, to rotten for the entirety of Obama’s tenure in the White House. More people permanently out of work, and more people than ever on government assistance. What happened, did we all die and go to Greece? The term “recovery” when applied to America is a cruel joke on all Americans — and on the world, that really needs a strong, healthy America.

Drudge Headline(s): 

Quick Reaction: Great. What a good job you’ve done, Mr. President!

— xPraetorius

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