NPR Watch (5/5/15)


Listening to National Public Radio (NPR) on the ride home from work to pick up my son from volleyball practice. They were promoting a show about the terrorist attack in Garland, Texas the other night.

That was the incident where the two clodpoles who fancied themselves big, bad jihadists, brought a pair of AK-freakin’-47’s to a gallery featuring caricatures of the so-called “Prophet” Muhammed. As big and bad as they were, a traffic cop with a service revolver dropped ’em both.

Back to the above-mentioned NPR. See if you can guess how the promo that I heard went.


You guessed it.

Some ultra-serious announcer-chick came on and intoned that they were going to broadcast something on the shooting that would ask the burning question: “Free speech or hate speech…where is the line?”


Do you remember all the outrage from the media when Andres Serrano immersed a crucifix in a jar of urine? Or when someone smeared a portrait of the Virgin Mary with elephant dung?

Nope. I don’t either.

Surely if caricatures of Muhammed are “hate speech,” those two works represent “hate speech!” Right? Nope. Wrong-o.

The media at the time were outraged — outraged! — when some suggested that maybe, just maybe, things like the urine jar and the elephant dung shouldn’t be displayed in government-funded institutions.

Oooooohhhh… pretty hateful stuff, that!

But, that was the real hate speech, according to the media — and of course the left — while the immersed crucifix and the dung painting were nothing less than absolutely sacred free speech, and free expression.

If NPR concludes that the caricatures of Muhammed are “hate speech,” and not free speech, then they’re saying that the urine jar and the elephant poo “works” are “hate speech” as well. You can’t avoid the conclusion.

NPR will try, though, to avoid that inescapable conclusion, and they’ll maintain that it’s a-okay with them if you and I are forced to fund the pee and poo nitwittery with our tax dollars.

But, really though, why wouldn’t they? After all, NPR is itself a left-wing nutjob organization, that you and I are forced to fund with our own tax dollars. Why wouldn’t they advocate for funding other left-wing nutjobs, and nutjob groups, with our tax dollars?

— xPraetorius


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