Here’s a Draft I Found When Searching for Something Else

It’s about the Boston Marathon bombing, and in retrospect, turns out to have had one really good point, highlighted in red, below. The other points were … true.

  • Barack Obama’s reaction: (1) this’ll take their minds off the economy, and (2) I’m sure this is Bush’s fault, just can’t put my finger on how! Oh, that’s right, I don’t have  to figure out how, I just have to say it…then the media will repeat it.
  • Some moronic, desk-bound general in the military will say, “As great a tragedy as this was, it would be a shame if our diversity were to become a casualty as well.”
  • Hillary Clinton: “How can I use this to get more power?”
  • One hundred thousand other Democrats: “How can I use this to get more power?”
  • Watching Deval Patrick do whatever he can to prove how much he cares, and just how freakin’ good he is.
  • Police are holding a “Person of Interest.” If this PoI turns out to have a last name that might even hint of arab origin, we won’t find that out for some time.
  • Fox News just announced that it was a bomb, not just “an explosion.”
  • Drudge is reporting as of 5:43 EDT that the PoI in custody is a “Saudi National.” [Editor’s Note: In retrospect, whoever’s report he was quoting … got it wrong.]

One quick thought of mine: Deval Patrick, doofus [Editor’s note: Now former governor, thank goodness! See this post here for some thoughts on Patrick.] governor of Massachusetts, when using his normal voice, sounds like Johnny Carson when he’d do his really dumb voice for comedic effect. 

— xPraetorius

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