Say The Most Gawrshawful, STUPIDEST Things. (Part II)

Don’t Rule Out the Possibility that Obama’s just Stupid.

  • ISIS is exploding across the middle east.
  • Syria is a total basket case.
  • Iraq is lost.
  • Unwillingness to identify Islamic terrorists as enemy.
  • Islamic goons shoot up a French satire publication’s office, and a Jewish grocery, and the Obama Administration sends James Taylor to croon, “You’ve got a Friend.” That was deeply cringe-worthy and embarrassing.
  • Afghanistan is degenerating into chaos.
  • The Crimean peninsula is just taken from Ukraine.
  • Ukraine staring down the gullet of the Russian bear, and no one has the slightest confidence that the Obama Administration has the means, or even the will to do a dadblasted thing about it.
  • Militant Islam devouring vast swaths of territory everywhere in Africa, the Middle East, and making stirrings elsewhere.
  • Iran toys with us, and is about to become nuclear
  • American Marines — Marines! — flee the American embassy in Yemen in chaos, while Jen Psaki (State Department spokesdrone) pretends it was all part of the plan.
  • North Korea rattles sabres, and gets the Obama Administration to back away, tail between legs. Soon to be nuclear North Korea

These are just a few.

America does retreat after defeat after retreat after defeat after retreat … and then repeat. That, in a nutshell, is the Obama doctrine.

Don’t rule out the possibility that he’s just stupid.

Obama was never prepared for the job in the first place, but, let’s be fair: who could possibly be prepared to be the President of the United States? Obama, however, has never shown the slightest inclination to try to grow to the stature needed for the job. Edward Klein called Obama “The Amateur,” but to call his approach to governance “Amateur Hour” is to be kind.

There’s nothing wrong with an amateur in the White House. It’s important, though, that the amateur have the temperament to understand that he needs the expertise and perspective of people better informed, more knowledgeable, or, heaven forfend, of those who disagree with him.

Anytime Obama’s faced opposition, he’s relied on surrogates to accuse those who disagree of racism or other perfidy. His temper is legendary. He’s convinced — as he’s said himself — that he’s always the smartest one in the room.

Yet, anything and everything he touches turns to pigeon poop.

I’ll repeat for probably the hundredth time. Name one thing — just one thing — in the world or in America that has actually improved during Obama’s tenure. Just one.

It bears repeating: Don’t rule out the possibility that Obama’s just stupid.

— xPraetorius


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