Some General Thoughts About The VP Debate and Our Politics

  • What no one appears to be saying directly: Everyone is talking only about style in wondering what Obama and Biden will do to counter Romney/Ryan.
    • Remarkably, I think the majority of the media have already conceded that the Dems don’t have a “message” or a “record” to run on.
    • Will Obama go aggressive — meaning: stark, raving, freakin’ bananas! — as Biden did?
    • When Biden was a frothing lunatic at the VP debate, the commentators all were wondering only whether that was “an effective style.” Even Joe Trippi was embarrassed.
    • Oh, by the way, Ryan beat Biden on substance, but what about all that interrupting and lunatic smiling, and shouting, followed, at the end by that eerie quiet calm? What  was all that?!? 
    • Please don’t try to tell me it was planned, because if it was, then there are some serious nutjob operatives in the Democrat Party. See the inset, below for some perspective.
  • Very worrisome — the Dems are all style and no substance. Biden more or less lied his way through the whole debate, and the discussion afterward centered nearly completely on his style. The Democrats could win this thing!
    • Guess what: Biden’s content was as moronic as his style!
    • How could anyone have watched that without wondering whether Biden needed to be carted away to a loony bin somewhere?
    • Yet, to a man, the Obama/Biden operatives were thrilled  with how masterfully Old Joe performed.
    • This is the extent of the Democrat Party’s intellectual and moral bankruptcy.
    • Plainly the Democrats are willing to have this half-crazed nitwit a heartbeat away from the button. Think they might be obsessed a bit with power?
  • Interesting how it’s always the Democrats who need a pass from the media for wack-a-doodle behavior.
    • The classic example was Al Gore in 2000. What a blithering idiot!
      • Can one help but conclude that the entirety of the Dems’ “debate prep” centers on precisely how to say whatever bizarre thing they’re going to say?
    • ‘Course they always get that pass from the media as well!
    • Can you imagine if a Republican acted as Gore or Biden or Bentsen (“You, Sir, are no Jack Kennedy!”) had acted? The outrage / bewilderment / indignation / astonishment / disgust that would have poured forth from the media would have been something to witness.
    • Yet, since these debates began, every single, solitary, last Republican has behaved with maturity, intelligence, decorum, respect and dignity. Every one. No exceptions. All dozen or so Presidential candidates and all dozen or so Vice-Presidential candidates. In every single, solitary, last debate. No exceptions.
INSET:Since these debates began, back in 1960,
every single, solitary, last Republican has behaved with maturity,
intelligence, decorum, respect and dignity.
  •   Today, Brit Hume described Biden’ surreal performance as “dominant.”
    • Yes. In the same way the left usually dominates: by shouting down all other opposition.
    • But, no one really thinks that actually wins a debate.
  • People — on the right and the left — credit Martha Raddatz as having done a masterful job of moderating the job.
    • Not me. How could she had stood there with a straight face as Biden went from buffoonery to buffoonery for ninety excruciating minutes?
    • Did she really think that Biden wasn’t acting like a total jackass?
    • And, if she was as appalled by Biden’s behavior as all other thinking Americans were, why didn’t she find some way to stop it?
  • Why are the Dems even close in any of the polls? They have completely upended American values and common decency in favor of tactics, discourse, policies and issues from which — if we were to observe them in other countries — we would recoil in alarm. Yet, the Dems loudly claim — and the dominant media back them up — the “moral and intellectual high ground.” Astonishing!
    • “We’re doing it for women! they say, as their policies rip families apart, and consign tens of millions of women to dependence, squalor and lifelong tedium.
    • “We’re doing it for the children!” they say, as they kill them by the tens of millions over the decades. And as their policies deprive tens of millions of children of the necessary presence of a loving father.
    • “We’re doing it for black people!” they shout as their affirmative action policies and political correctness infantilize them, guarantee huge failure rates for them in college, and make self-doubt a permanent characteristic of their “community.”
    • “We’re doing it for the students!” they say, as they replace basic life skills with lessons in how to use a condom.
    • “We’re doing it for all the people!” they bleat as their ever heavier taxation starves actual charities who do actual good for actual people.

I’ll probably have more thoughts on this later on.

— xPraetorius

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