I Had To Laugh…

I Had To Laugh…

The media knew that they needed only to repeat that mantra over and over and over and over again, and that would do it. The narrative, like a well-placed hook in a trout’s lip, would be sufficiently set in place… regardless of the actual results of the election.


Oh, you’re the trout.


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What TIME Magazine <b><i>Really</i></b> Said…

What TIME Magazine Really Said…

Does anyone honestly think that the Left looked at 2020 and said to themselves and each other, “Well! That worked out well. Now we can disband and go back to our daily lives, not interfering in our country’s elections”?


Nope. No, they didn’t.


Here’s what they really said: “Well! That worked out well. Now, what’re the next steps to be sure that the Democrats win the 2022 election, regardless of whether the Democrats win the election of 2022 or not?”


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The Contrarian Argument

The Contrarian Argument

I’m going to say this very gently and in good faith. And I mean it in no hostile way at all. In other words, I believe that the idea that “Trump is evil and must go” is entirely defensible. And I believe it’s wrong. Or at least not a slam dunk, by any means.


The 2020 election was stolen, and it was stolen by a multi-pronged effort that still managed to defeat Trump only by a whisker.


Ignore the reports of disappearing ballots and magically appearing ballots.


The other reports (inside) are indisputably true…


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If This Crisis Hadn’t Happened…

If This Crisis Hadn’t Happened…

Here’s the important point: Absent something like this horrendous coronavirus crisis, Trump was going to cruise to re-election, and the Democrat Party was staring in the face of the destruction of their agenda for the next 50 years.


If there’d been no coronavirus event, the Democrats would have had to come up with one.


It’s absolutely certain that the Democrats are crossing their fingers that this is the thing that will bring Trump down.


It’s also absolutely certain that the Democrats will try to make this the thing that brings Trump down. They had no chance of it without this crisis… and they knew it.


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Russia’s Helping the Sanders Campaign, and We Have Some Thoughts

Bernie Sanders, the senile old Bolshie-loving, half-witted crackpot… is the leading contender for the Democrat Party’s nomination to run for President in 2020. I defy you to show me anything else that is more emblematic of that party’s final descent into decrepitude and madness. A descent that started, by the way, long, long ago, when it was the party of slavery, Jim Crow, Eugenics, segregation and more. Now it’s the party of death at both ends of life, of anti-semitism, of terrorism, of Socialism, of corruption, of senile leadership, of censorship, shout-downs, street thugs, goons and fascists, of grifting, mooching, and decadence, of worse than intellectual laziness: intellectual slovenliness.


About those failings — slavery, Jim Crow, Eugenics, love for Socialism-Fascism-Naziism, segregation and more — they’re symptoms of disease and degradation. For any party to survive, it must expel these things. If you study history, you see that the Democrat Party has never renounced those aspects of its past, as the Republicans did. Remember, the Republicans publicly renounced the John Birch Society, Richard Nixon, and nearly every one of its elected officials who ever might have shown even the remotest possibility that he was tainted by anything. (cf, eg: Trent Lott, et al) A body riddled with these intellectual and social diseases cannot survive forever. The only way the Democrats have survived this far is by denying these important parts of their past were ever in their past, and then by projecting them, with the assistance of a sheeplike media corps, onto Republicans, who had always opposed them. The problem for the Democrats is that the rot was still in them, and it ate out any substantive core for the Dems to fall back on, any solid foundation of ideas or beliefs, any core tenets from which to construct intelligent, rational platforms and campaigns. They have nothing left but the litany you’ve all heard by now: Racist! Sexist! Homophobe! Transphobe! Islamophobe! You hate women! You hate minorities! You hate children! (says the party of abortion), You’re all meanies! All that meaningless, substanceless codswallop left an open field for idiots like Bernie Sanders.


The Dems are saying: We’ll see your eccentric, unpredictable wildcard,  and raise you one psychotic, unhinged, bolshie-loving nutjob… Your move!


The larboard trajectory of the American Democrat Party is already set in place. That happened long ago. The party is like a ballistic missile pointed hard-left, and the colonel, long ago (in 1972? in 1916?) hollered, “Fire!”


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Let’s Get At Least ONE Thing Straight: There’s No Such Thing as “Democratic Socialism”

Democracy implies that you can vote in someone who will support and enact something, and then you can vote in someone else who can undo all that the previous guy did. No Socialist ever intends to enact anything that can be undone in some future election.


Remember, once the Socialist has stolen what he’s going to steal, he doesn’t just sit on it so that at some future date he can give it back if a future election mandates it. No, once he’s stolen it, the Socialist… uses it. 


This is because Socialism is all about taking. The reason for this is a simple truth: To achieve greater societal equality by elevating those who have less is vastly more difficult than to achieve equality by taking from those who have more.


Socialists understand this intuitively, and, intuitively, they seek to reduce in stature those who have more, rather than elevating those who have less. 


The supporting reason for this is simple too: to elevate the poor, you must put in place opportunities that the poor might or might not take advantage of. This takes time, and some of the poor, will fail to take advantage of opportunities. To dispossess the wealthy, however, you need only to enact some law or other. And you can ignore the poor entirely. Easy!


Since Socialism works to impoverish those who have more, rather than elevating the impoverished, it guarantees a sick society.


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The Great Charade

The Great Charade

Trump has a massive “trump” card in his pocket: The economy has absorbed the “trade war” between the United States and China, with few ill effects. If Trump and China were to strike a deal, the stock market would rise 5,000 to 7,000 points nearly overnight, fattening the retirement and bank accounts of tens of millions of Americans. Trump II would be unstoppable, and the Dems know it.


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C|Net (News) Headline: “Facebook ‘war room’ scrambles to combat fake election news”

Such a naive notion! Facebook doesn’t want to COMBAT fake election news, they want to CONTROL it. They want to be able to put out their OWN fake news, while preventing other sources of information from getting out there that might dispute what Facebook would allow to be said over their social medium. That’s all.     Continue reading C|Net (News) Headline: “Facebook ‘war room’ scrambles to combat fake election news”

What WAS Putin’s Ideal Outcome in 2016?

What WAS Putin’s Ideal Outcome in 2016?

Look… it’s obvious: Putin did NOT want Trump to win the 2016 Presidential election. Hillary had all but vowed to be “Barack Obama II,” and Obama had already rolled over, like a long obedient lapdog, for all of Putin’s territory grabs, including in Georgia, in the Crimea, as well as everything that Russia was doing in Ukraine. A President Trump would threaten, literally, every single long-term plan of Putin’s, forcing him to re-start from ground zero and re-calculate entirely. Putin did NOT, in any way, shape or form, want to see a President Trump. Continue reading What WAS Putin’s Ideal Outcome in 2016?

Roy Moore — Facts, Questions, A Modest Proposal, and a Final Very Important Point

It would have been a shock if there had NOT been a parade of unprovable, and unDISprovable, accusations leveled against him, and amplified by the press, as soon as he won the primary for the Alabama Senate seat. Skepticism about the charges against Roy Moore is not only rational and intelligent, it’s the RIGHT state-of mind. I remember thinking, at the news of Moore’s triumph in the Alabama Senate primary: “I wonder what dirty tricks the Democrats will do to get this Senate seat.” Continue reading Roy Moore — Facts, Questions, A Modest Proposal, and a Final Very Important Point

Yet Another Masterful Column from Jonah Goldberg — and Some Discussion

Yet Another Masterful Column from Jonah Goldberg — and Some Discussion

I’m not sure that the Trump Presidency is worse than what, with another Republican, likely would have been just an interregnum between the Obama Presidency and the next horror-show Democrat President. Furthermore, don’t forget: lovable, corrupt, witless old Bernie Sanders made it okay to call oneself a Socialist again. That means that the Democrat Party field for President in upcoming primaries will no longer, for the foreseeable future, be lacking an avowedly Socialist candidate for the Presidency. Great. –>    Continue reading Yet Another Masterful Column from Jonah Goldberg — and Some Discussion