Nitwits and Ditzes and Nuts, Oh My! (Part II)

In this post, we told of how the lovely, but obviously completely air-headed (or bat-guano crazy) Charlize Theron has been raising her seven year-old adopted son as a girl since the lad was three.

You see, at that tender age, the moppet announced that, despite any evidence to the contrary, he was not a boy, and Charlize… ran with that. And in the wink of an eye, Charlize’s second daughter joined her first.

One wonders several things. Like: What if the child had been a girl, and announced that she was not a girl. A much less politically correct change of heart, and gender, to be sure! Would hard-core left-winger Charlize have immediately decided that she was a he?

One wonders also: was Charlize sad when young Jackson (his name) announced to his mother that she had just lost the son she thought she had adopted? After all, Charlize adopted a boy! So, presumably, she had wanted to adopt a boy. But, just like that, with a terse announcement from his precocious little lips… he was gone!

And… one wonders whether Charlize might be using young Jackson’s “trans” status as a way to pump up her wokeness cred in Hollywood. After all, it doesn’t take a psychic to recognize that there are going to be lots and lots and lots and lots of woke movies coming up about the glories of Transience. Oh… probably not that. Transness? Transiosity? Transage? Transity? Transitivity? (Nope: Math already got that one) Transaliciousness? And the movies and festivals! Trans-Fest? Trans-a-Palooza? Transtock? Le Tout Trans? (Speaking of which: Can you imagine if someone in France decided that one of their most celebrated 19th and 20th Century artists was really Henri de Toulouse Lautrans?)

Charlize may be thinking that she needs to be well-positioned to catch that wave, that big transami, with the understanding that it’ll be a short duration swell, since the swag, gear, premiums, the tv series and movies are not going to make a lot of money. Trans-anything is still a teeny-tiny minority of people in America. And the thought of trans stuff still skeeves out most Americans.

Back to Charlize’s possible plan: It’s already apparent that Hollywood is going to have to cast actual trans people as the heroes and heroines of this upcoming fad. In England and America so-called trans people have demanded this already.

Since the American Left simply said, “Ok, dude… you’re a dudette!” they’ll roll over for that demand too, and cast some transie — instead of, say, Charlize! So, that leaves the very definitely feminine and heterosexual (and shockingly available… in fact, she exhorted men to “grow a pair” of the very things she proposes to lop off her son eventually. How confusing is that?!?) Charlize Theron out. But — and it’s a big one — they’ll need mothers of trans people, won’t they?

Why, yes… yes they will.

And for the very shot time that they’ll be a big thing in the West, the trans movies are going to pay their stars a lot of money. That means that already big stars — who already have big cred in the trans-world — are going to cash in.

No, no, no!” I hear you saying, “It would be terrible for a famous Hollywood star to exploit her son that way!”

Why, yes. Yes it would.

Look for Charlize Theron to star in some upcoming big, splashy, really woke movie about someone trans, and for her to be the mother in the story. You heard it here first.

— xPraetorius






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