NPR Watch (9/15/17) — NPR To Its Audience: You’re All Idiots!

National Public Radio (NPR) transparently thinks its audience is a bunch of morons. Slope-headed, dead-eyed, slack-jawed, drooling, knuckle-dragging, spittle-dribbling dolts, nincompoops, dopes, blockheads and half-wits.

Today they had a feature in which they told of how motel chain Motel 6 was secretly working with Immigration Customs Enforcement — ICE.

Apparently, Motel 6 was sharing its roster of overnight room rentals, and ICE was cross-checking the list against wanted illegal aliens. The result: ICE was able to raid certain Motel 6’s and nab some illegal aliens.

Well, horrors!

The story’s presenter was NPR’s relentlessly and annoyingly chirpy afternoon/evening fake news anchor, Ari Shapiro. He interviewed some reporterette from Arizona where all this took place.

Shapiro actually asked a good question, if only in a completely derisive way: “I could see how some might say, ‘These people are here illegally; what’s wrong with working with ICE to find them?'” Rough quote.

The answer to that somewhat sensible question was what proved conclusively that NPR has complete contempt for its own audience. The answer was the very definition of stupid, irrelevant, meaningless… oh, and it didn’t even answer the question!

Here’s, roughly, what the Arizona reporterette said:

“Yes, I know, but I don’t see how working with ICE helps Motel 6. I mean it’s not their business model. And there weren’t any warrants out for these people, and they weren’t harming anyone.”

Ah! I see!

I wonder how that kind of thing would play in an actual, real, genuine, authentic court-of-law. Let’s see…

  • Sure, your Honor, I robbed that package store, but I wasn’t harming anyone when the cops nabbed me!”
  • Or: “Sure, Judge, I raped that girl, but I wasn’t bothering anyone when the cops grabbed me at Motel 6!”
  • Or: “Yep, I did it, I killed and ate those people, but when the fuzz got me I wasn’t bothering anyone at all!”
  • How about: “Hey, Judge… I know I embezzled thousands of little old ladies out of their life savings, but when the law grabbed me I wasn’t hurting anyone!
  • Maybe Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the “mastermind”(1) of 9/11 should say to a judge somewhere — if he ever gets to face one — something like, “Hey, when the Americans came for me, I wasn’t bothering anyone. You need to let me go, because it’s just not fair to keep me here! Oh, and by the way, you need to pay me lots of money for all my pain and suffering.” (Presumably we’ve allowed this baboon full access to the law library at Guantanamo… just to make sure that we’re fair to him. As he was “fair” to more than 3,000 innocent Americans on 9/11.)

Needless to say, Motel 6’s management caved immediately.

When the reporterette said, “‘it’s not their business model,’ the easy response should have been: “Excuse us for doing the right thing! Excuse us for being patriotic! But, guess what, nitwit… we’re going to continue to do the right thing, and to let law enforcement know when freakin’ criminals are staying under our roof, okay? Don’t like it? Too bad! You’re a no-good, commie-loving, dirtbag and a half-wit! However, if you’re a good, patriotic American, and if you love our country, the greatest country that’s ever been, and if you’re not a criminal, then… we’ll leave the light on for you.”

One fantasizes that Motel 6 added on a bit to the suggested response above. Something like: “Hey, morons! These people’s actual presence here in this country is a crime! Don’t you get it, or are you too damned stupid to get it?!? If you don’t get it, I’ll use REALLY BIG LETTERS (with pretty colors) so you can: These are ILLEGAL aliens! Get it? GET IT? They’re in the country ILLEGALLY! If you or I were to commit a freakin’ CRIME, WE’D PAY FOR IT! Do you get it now? If not, are you really the idiot you make yourself out to be?”(2)


But Motel 6 said instead, “We’re sorry we did the patriotic thing. And we’re telling our other Motel 6 owners and franchisees not to do it anymore, because we’re cowards, and we worry more about making leftist dullards, a$$hats and half-wits happy than about serving the country that made us rich, so please don’t boycott us, you nice leftist goons and thugs.”

Ari Shapiro accepted the reporterette’s obvious evasion of his question as a definitive response, indicating one of three things: (1) Ari Shapiro is a complete idiot, or (2) NPR considers its audience to be complete idiots, or (3), and the most likely: both.

NPR is convinced that their none-too-bright audience will fall, hook, line and sinker, for the dismal, dreary bunch of dopey twaddle they regularly broadcast under the guise of “news.” There’s no other possible conclusion.

— xPraetorius


(1) Scare quotes are because it’s hard to think of this baboon as any kind of “mind” at all, much less a “mastermind.”

(2) When I say “pay for it,” it’s important to think that through just a bit. The American judicial system makes provisions for redressing the wrong committed by a criminal. If you rob a package store, and you have the wherewithal to return the money you stole, then you have to do that… as well as accept some kind of additional punishment. A murderer can’t restore her victim to life, but she can forfeit her wealth to her victim’s surviving next of kin. And an illegal alien — who has been stealing welfare and other benefits to which he is not entitled can redress his victims — you and me — by (1) leaving the country, and (2) forfeiting any wealth he might have obtained by being here… freakin’ illegally. 🙂

2 thoughts on “NPR Watch (9/15/17) — NPR To Its Audience: You’re All Idiots!

    1. I agree. He and David Greene in the morning…

      When Greene squeaks, it’s excruciating! All those voices are awful.

      Audie Cornish is Eeyore, and… awful.

      None of them have any real personality. It’s all affected pomposity mixed with a desperate attempt to sound, easily, breezily erudite, yet warm and approachable.

      It’s unlike anything you’d ever hear in real life. Only at NPR.


      — x

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