Worst Foreign Policy Blunder …

The Democrat candidates for President — Dirty Hillary Clinton and Red Bernie Sanders — are fond of saying that the Iraq War represents the “worst foreign policy blunder of this century,” or “of our time,” or whatever.

That is incorrect.

The worst foreign policy blunder of this Century, or of our time, was the appointment of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State back in ’09.

She was so bad that even a crashing mediocrity like John Kerry has had difficulty — despite really strong efforts! — at being worse. The only reason John Kerry hasn’t mucked everything up is that it was already all mucked by Hillary.(1)

Hillary was a principal architect of the general policy that has given us Syria, ISIS, Iraq, Afghanistan (scores dead and hundred wounded just in today’s terrorism), nuclear Iran, nuclear North Korea, aggressive, expansionist Russia under a President — the execrable Vladimir Putin — who openly, brazenly, laughingly pushes the the badly overmatched Obama around.

Barack Obama is a power-besotted, pie-in-the-sky naïf, overloaded with pompous self-obsession, self-righteousness and a stadium-sized sense of entitlement from his blinkered Chicago experience. He’s a corrupt, out-of-his-league intellectual lightweight, but he was poorly served by the even dumber, even more corrupt, even more entitled-feeling Hillary Clinton.

— xPraetorius


(1) John Kerry did give us a strong candidate for “Most Stomach-Turning Image Ever” when we watched him standing solemnly by as James Taylor warbled “You’ve Got a Friend” to the French Parliament following bloody terrorist attacks in Paris.

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