The Democrat Party Loves Bernie Sanders! (Part III)

In keeping with our theme today of examining the vast dorkiness and nitwittery of Bernie Sanders, here are some observations and an exceedingly interesting link.

The link is here. It’s the great Kevin Williamson, and his headline is “One Banana Short of a Republic.”

In his brief remarks, Williamson links to this article in the Washington Times indicating that no one will suffer any consequences whatsoever for the greatest civil rights violation of American history: the stifling of free speech by the IRS when Lois Lerner and others decided to deny permits to Tea Party groups — thereby denying millions of people their free speech rights — from 2008 to this very day.

You might suggest to me that slavery was the greatest civil rights violation of American history, and I’d respond that it’s a close second. The reason: The IRS’s, and the Obama Administration’s, and Lois Lerner’s crime is to have put in place the practices and the mindset that, if allowed to continue, inevitably will result in slavery of the worst kind: enslavement of all Americans.

Let’s never forget that Richard Nixon was removed from the Presidency largely for merely talking about the possibility of doing what Obama and his IRS actually did. And what they continue to do.

Remember what they called Nixon when he was ousted? Corrupt. Criminal. Evil.

Bernie Sanders  believes in the political structures and ways and institutions of feudalism and serfdom, but hopes you will believe that represents “progress.”

Obama and his IRS actively denied — and continue to deny — the civil rights of tens of millions of Americans, and you can bet that Sanders approves. How can I know that? Sanders has never condemned this horrific crime. A Sanders Administration would be sure to continue the same hugely corrupt, patently illegal practices that the Obama Administration engages in each day. And your Democrat Party just loves Bernie Sanders!

— xPraetorius



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