Hillary: It Hasn’t Been “Drip-Drip-Drip” For a VERY Long Time

Many, many in the punditocracy and the commentariat have been wondering aloud whether her Hillariness can survive the “drip-drip-drip” that has been taking the air out of her campaign for the Democrat Party’s nomination to run for President.

Look — let’s speak plainly. It hasn’t been “drip-drip-drip” for a very long time. The Clintons have been an open-hydrant-in-August-in-the-Bronx, spewing runny, fetid, depraved, degenerate corruption and moral sewage for decades.

Since long before Bill Clinton assumed the Presidency.

Many also say, “But how bad was all that, really? I mean, they weathered all those storms. It must not have been all that bad.”


The Clintons’ willing accomplices in the media — just as corrupt as the Clintons themselves — carried them through all the revelations of Bill’s horn-doggedness and Hill’s corruption (remember the cattle futures, and the billing records, and the White House kitchen staff and on, and on, and on…) The media spent years ignoring, and denying, and not covering, and lying about who and what the Clintons were… and are.

They’re still doing it. Except, that is, for FOX News, the only news network with any real credibility in the country anymore. FOX News is the only real difference in the media since Bill’s arrival in the Presidency.

To give you an idea of the staggering, mind-boggling irresponsibility of the Billy half of Hill-Billy, just think of the prodigious power held by … yep, Monica Lewinsky, before the story of her dalliance with Bill. Think of how things could have gone if she had had a brain, as well as a serious desire to harm this country!

That she was as much of a hormone-crazed airhead as Bill, is scant consolation for those among us who take the security of this, the greatest country that has ever existed, seriously.

Hillary’s use of the server, and the recent revelations of who was managing it, represent the same level of jaw-dropping irresponsibility as Bill setting himself up to be blackmailed by Monica “Mata Hari” Lewinsky.

Quick comment about all that: What

C o M p l E t E

I d i O Tt TTt TTttTt ttttt tttttt tttttttttttttttt(1)

advised Hillary — that it was a good idea to have a private server, and to house it where they did? Aren’t the Democrats supposed to be these technologically-savvy geniuses who put those silly Conservative dinosaurs in their place?

If you or I were the technology dolt, ass, nitwit, slack-jawed nimrod, half-wit, moron, idiot, fool, simpleton, rookie, pathetic, sniveling wretch numbskull, with used banana peels for brains, trying to pass himself off as an I-freakin’-T dude, who suggested to the freakin’ Secretary of the freakin’ State that she should have a private server housed in a bathroom in east Podunk, Colorado, we’d have been fired so fast that Bill chasing after 10 naked interns wouldn’t’ve been able to catch up.

Or, did her advisers have more nefarious motives? One of them is, after all, Huma Abedin, noted sympathizer with Palestinian terrorist scumbags, as well as other virulent America haters (Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, Bill Clinton, George Stephanopoulos, Dan Rather).

Look, I have to give this disclaimer: I know all about this stuff. I’m an expert in many areas of IT. In particular, I know e-mail. I know that everyone in my “community” is laughing at the silly questions:

  • “Can they find the e-mails?” (Yes, easily — “they’ve”(2) already found them — all of them.)
  • “Can they find the phone records?” (Yes, easily — “they’ve” already found them — all of them.)
  • “Can they reproduce the communications threads?” (Yes, easily — “they’ve” already done it.)

I know, I know… “they’ve” already found “Top Secret” e-mails that went out on her private server. Seriously? That’s freakin’ news?!? Did you ever really doubt it? Remember: the Clintons figure that the media will always cover for them, and they, the media, have been trying manfully.

The only question is when?

When does she leave the race? ‘Cause she will. And the media will do a wonderful job of covering for the real reason for her departure: It’s all partisanship. It’s all misogyny. America was just not ready, just too backward still, for a woman President. And they’ll play that flapdoodle over and over and over and over again until, it’s The Narrative. But, it’ll be just another part of the grand, the gigantic, the Big Lie.

The Truth? Simple: Hillary is, and has long been waaaaaaayyyyyy too corrupt, even for today’s Democrats.

However, give ’em a decade or so. Remember: this is a party that is seriously considering a drooling, slope-headed, knuckle-dragging, neanderthal  half-wit named Bernie Sanders to run for President. Somehow their trajectory brought them to that.

One last thing: The cattle futures would have sunk any Republican as soon as it came out in the early 1990’s. More to the point: Every single one of the vast number of scandals that have followed Hillary like trash from an overstuffed garbage truck would have sunk any Republican all by itself. If, that is, we were fortunate enough to have an honest press corps in America.

One more last thing: she’s out of the Presidential race. Just a question of when. Even the media, as invested as they are in the substanceless hack that is Hillary, are sick of covering up for her.

— xPraetorius


(1) – My attempt to write with spittle-flecked indignation. How’d I do?

(2) – Computer experts in various agencies and departments — NSA, DIA, CIA, State Department, etc. You can “wipe the server” all you want, it’s still all out there, and easily obtainable.


8 thoughts on “Hillary: It Hasn’t Been “Drip-Drip-Drip” For a VERY Long Time

    1. I was wrong. But, she did lose. That’s close. Still, I was wrong.

      It should be pointed out that no other candidate for either party could have survived the onslaught of she’s-dumber-than-a-rock-and-even-more-corrupt publicity that rained down on her throughout the primary and election cycles.

      If the media hadn’t carried her water for her, she’d have been out.

      I’m sad to say, that if O’Malley had won the nomination for the Democrat Party, as I predicted, I think he would have beaten Trump.


      — x

      1. Did you meet her then governor husband in the early nineties?.. before the Left discovered the “He’s the smartest man in the Universe!” meme they now attach to whomever they run?
        But I think you’re right about O’Mally… and I would offer the same for Edwards as his time was prior to the ‘I am cheating on my cancer riddled wife’ era.

        1. I didn’t know the horn dawg half of Hill-Billy back then, Mike.

          I think your observation about the meme is on-the-nose. It’s like a sweatshirt. It says “Smartest In The World” and they take it off the last one and put it on the next one, no matter what sort of lame clodpole they nominate.

          And I agree with your Edwards hypothetical. The Democrats do seem to pick some real stiffs, eh? Kerry? Clinton? Holy mackerel!


          — x

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