Mixing the Kool Aid… | makeaneffort

Mixing the Kool Aid… | makeaneffort.

You know those “Epic Fail” compilations you can stumble across from time to time on YouTube? They generally show people trying to do tricks on bicycles and somehow crashing into something and getting hit — hard — in the groin. Things like that.

Mike, over at makeaneffort.wordpress.com has put together an Obama Administration “Epic Fail” list that covers most all the bases I can think of.

He framed his compilation in terms of a depressingly long bunch of questions to which, if you have drunk the Obama Kool-Aid, you will respond, “Yes.”

I say, “depressingly long,” because if you’ve been paying attention in the past six years, but not cataloguing each Obama admin nitwittery and numbskullery, then you have a general understanding that Obama has done nothing positive for the country, or the world, but you may not know in detail just how awful he’s been.

Humans have a coping mechanism: When you come at them with a never-ending stream of deception after lie, after scandal, after scam, after hustle, after shake-down, after con, after flim-flam, after fraud, after double-cross, after hoax — your mind starts to glaze over and all the putrescent muck tends to run together into one big fuzzy, hazy hosing. You realize you’ve been had, and you have a vague understanding that (1) there’s no end in sight, and (2) it’s only getting worse.

But, you tend to lose the detail.

The antidote for that defense mechanism-generated, gauzy, filmy miasma of anxiety coming from the Obama Administration is Mike’s list. It’ll let you understand precisely why you’re always feeling such dread.

Oh, it won’t cure the misery — it’s a perfectly appropriate reaction to the Obama Admin muck-fest — but you will know why you have it, and maybe you can address it more effectively in some way.

I suggest that you pick up a glass of your favorite beverage and read Mike’s list. Settle in, put your feet up. It’ll take a while

— xPraetorius

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