The Left is NOT the Friend of the Poor

Why? Simple. Because of the Willing Poor whose poverty they purchase.

It’s a simple rule, and there are never any exceptions: if a society pays people to be poor, more and more of them will choose to be poor. These are the ones who are okay with living at a very low level of subsistence, in exchange for a guarantee that they will not go any lower. These are the Willing Poor. If you offer the bargain: If you stop working, and vote for us, we will guarantee that you will not fall below a certain level of lifestyle, a certain, non-zero percentage of your society will take you up on that bargain.

That these people are disproportionately black is simply because of the parasitical Race Grievance Industry — the RGI — whose leaders have long been busy whispering in black Americans’ ears that, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, white racism is rampant, and gives them absolutely no chance to succeed in America.

Needless to say, the ranks of the Willing Poor swell every year, as people increasingly realize that good, honest, hard work simply results in more and more payments to the Willing Poor, who live parasitically off the efforts of the working man.

The left is happy with the bargain — in fact they discovered the formula — and with the soul-sapping efforts of the RGI, because the Willing Poor and the RGI are all rock-solid voters for the political wing of the American left: the Democrat Party. Not coincidentally, the Democrat Party is also the second most corrupt political organization in America today, having surpassed the unions as they decline in stature.

What is the most corrupt political organization in America today? The media. These are the ones who have allowed the Obama Administration to get away with vast and deeply damaging corruption.

Obama came to office as if he knew that he would get the free pass that he’s received from the get-go.

The things that Obama and his cronies have got away with would have resulted in the impeachment of any President with an “(R)” next to his name. Long ago.

The IRS scandal alone is the severest existential threat this republic has ever faced. No Republican ever could have survived it. There’s plenty of precedent for that assertion. Then President Richard Nixon was impeached for merely mentioning what Obama and his administration actually did to millions of Americans.

Do you remember who the young lawyer was, who insisted that Nixon’s musing about using the IRS against his political opponents was an impeachable offense, and needed to be included in the bill of particulars against Nixon? Yep. Hillary Clinton.

Obama actually did use the IRS against his political opponents, and then had the unmitigated brass to call it a “phony scandal.” Who allowed that to happen?!?

The media, of course.

When this country collapses into the third-world hellhole the left is working to transform it into, it will have happened because the media will have held Republicans mercilessly, relentlessly accountable for the merest whiff of a hint of a rumor of misbehavior, while having completely turned their backs on blatant, rampant, thuggish corruption on the part of the American left and their political wing, the Democrat Party.

The left is not the friend of the poor. When the Democrat party no longer needs the votes of the Willing Poor or black Americans to maintain a stranglehold on power in America, they will abandon the devil’s bargain that has kept the poor and blacks, poor and pliant all along. Heaven help the poor then.

— xPraetorius

3 thoughts on “The Left is NOT the Friend of the Poor

  1. Oh, amen to that! The left really is not a friend to the poor. They use that as a cover, but in truth it’s a conflict of interest for them to actually do anything to help the poor. If they were to reduce poverty or actually lift anybody up, they’d lose that elephant in the room that sustains them. This is true regarding women, blacks, anybody they claim to care about. The left is absolutely driven to create more poverty, more misery, because that is what sustains them. Statistics bear this out.

    The second step is trapping people on the plantation, mandated poverty. They may first join the ranks as the willing poor, but soon they become trapped there, sometimes for generations. It starts to feel irrational to risk losing your benefits and every step people take to move up is essentially punished. The message is clear, stay in your place.

    1. Well said.

      I think I once said something like, “Sure the left love the poor! They love them so much that they’re constantly making more of them!”


      — x

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