Horrific Contradictions

Horrific Contradictions

On the left, Mya Lecia Naylor, who died tragically yesterday; on the right, Mya as an infant whom many in Australia propose to… kill anyway



Now, finally, at long last, I understand how Nazi prison camp guards during World War II could come home from a ghastly day of slaughtering Jews, Gypsies, Catholics and homosexuals, and cry bitter tears at the death of the family dog.

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President Trump’s Munich Moment

You read it here first: This is the 21st Century’s, and President Trump’s, Munich Moment. Bill Clinton gave North Korea their nuclear program; George W. Bush backed down when the Norks showed they were developing nuclear weapons, and Barack Obama overtly gave them the blessing to obtain their bomb. Great jobs the appeasers do, eh? Now, Trump has a Munich Moment. What will he do with it? Continue reading President Trump’s Munich Moment