A Different Perspective on The Last Few Days in Washington, DC

A Different Perspective on The Last Few Days in Washington, DC

I don’t know about you, but I prefer my news as, you know… news — “Hey! This interesting thing just happened!” — not as pre-written narrative into which some manipulative, scheming bastard, trying to control my perception of things around me*, then fits or fabricates any events he can to support that narrative.


* “Manipulative, scheming bastards, trying to control our perception of things around us” — a nice summary description of today’s media!

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Hopeful News

Hopeful News

Margaret Thatcher said: “The facts of life are Conservative,” to which I countered, “But society’s white noise is leftist.” And it is. It takes a real effort to go against the tsunami of leftist messaging that washes constantly over all Americans, to become only an independent thinker, much less a contrarian.


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Platform Or Publisher?

Platform Or Publisher?

• Regardless of whether the social media outlets are platforms or publishers, they have vast power.


Censorship is how the Left does it. They deprive the right of the ability to communicate with the American people.


• The ones who censor dissenting opinions are admitting both:

     — their insecurity in the strength of their own beliefs, and

     — that they themselves suspect that their beliefs will not survive in a fair fight. 


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The <b><i>REAL</i></b> Story Behind Trump’s Tweeting

The REAL Story Behind Trump’s Tweeting

You and I both know what Twitter, or its basic communications unit, the “tweet” is: a quick, off-the-cuff pronouncement, confined to 288 (or so, if I recall correctly) characters, about… things. Current events, thought-of-the-day, the latest Boston Red Sox news, the weather. You name it.


Well, what about that? Why is it such a big deal that Trump uses Twitter extensively to express himself? The thing here is that Presidents don’t talk “off-the-cuff.” Except, that is, for Trump… who does..


And, presto-changeo, just like that, Presidents do talk off the cuff! And will, for the foreseeable future. From now on, Presidents will have an entire team devoted to using Twitter, or “off-the-cuff talking,” most effectively to take the greatest advantage of it.


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The Stupid Times

The Stupid Times

if there weren’t half-wits like Alyssa Milano running around taking it all, and themselves, ever so seriously, it’d be Rolling-On-The-Floor hilarious!


Honestly, you couldn’t write a parody of this crap, because no one would believe it possible! Gulliver’s Travels, Gargantua and Pantagruel, AOC tweets are every bit as plausible as…  today’s reality!

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