In Iran Right Now…

It’s indisputable that, in the context of the Iran nuclear “deal,” the Iranian régime played the Obama administration for a bunch of fools. It wasn’t difficult; the Obama administration was peopled mainly by idiots, led by its egomaniacal idiot-in-chief. The Iran nuclear “deal” was cobbled together by corrupt, left-wing idiots on the American side and, on the Iranian side, by amoral baboons who realized full well that they were negotiating with idiots. What chance, really, did it have of being something good or positive? More to the point, what chance did the deal actually have of curbing Iran’s nuclear power ambitions?


No chance of either.


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The One Who Got Caught (Part III) — Follow-Up

The One Who Got Caught (Part III) — Follow-Up

This is the case where one Claas Relotius, a “journalist” for the very prestigious German publication Der Spiegel admitted that he’d been fabricating stories for many years. So now, Der Spiegel, in an attempt to get out in front of all this, is suing Relotius. As if it’s entirely his fault… Just a thought, but I think the case can be made that the American public has standing to file a criminal complaint, probably a class action lawsuit type of thing, against much of America’s “news” media.    

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