Platform Or Publisher?

Platform Or Publisher?

• Regardless of whether the social media outlets are platforms or publishers, they have vast power.


Censorship is how the Left does it. They deprive the right of the ability to communicate with the American people.


• The ones who censor dissenting opinions are admitting both:

     — their insecurity in the strength of their own beliefs, and

     — that they themselves suspect that their beliefs will not survive in a fair fight. 


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FCOL!* — For Hillary: Credit Where Credit’s Due!

Hillary remains, and will always remain, royally ticked off at Bernie. So ticked off that she might do something that goes so utterly and completely against everything she is, in the very fiber of her being: tell the truth.


Don’t forget, Hillary still wants to be at the top of the heap on the Left. Like any top, or formerly top, leftist, she continues to crave power.


Have you ever noticed how leftists never just… go away? They lose, but they continue to scratch and claw and scrabble for power. It’s who and how they are. It’s because power is the thing they crave above all else, and that’s what makes them leftists to the core.


Let’s face it, Hillary still wants to be the President. However, since she can’t be, she still wants to grab and wield as many levers of power as she can. And, howlingly obviously, she still wants her 2016 loss to be someone else’s fault. 


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Sexual Harassment — the Other Side of the Coin

Let’s not overlook the hidden side of all this turmoil about sexual harassment: How many times, when a sexual interlude of some kind DIDN’T turn out to be an opportunity for wealth, power and prestige, did the woman then “come forward” to “tell her story?” The answer to my above questions is: no one knows. But, the question needs to be posed. And we know what the answer is NOT: none. My suspicion: it’s a WHOLE LOT more common than anyone would be comfortable admitting. Continue reading Sexual Harassment — the Other Side of the Coin

The Democrat Party’s General Plan to Win Power

The Democrat Party has a simple plan to win the hearts and minds of the American people, and so to win elections: Cater to, even encourage, the very WORST characteristics of human nature, then capitalize on the poverty, sickness, despair and death they bring about to develop a permanent power base.  It should be noted that this has been the strategy of the worldwide Left since its inception.  Continue reading The Democrat Party’s General Plan to Win Power

Do You Realize…

If you want to see where the world will end up, look to the thinking of the political right-wing in America today. If “evolution” is a thing, then the world will evolve toward the most advanced thinking there is. That’s, let’s face it, obviously on the political Right. The only question is when will the rest of the world understand this? Continue reading Do You Realize…