Sexual Harassment — the Other Side of the Coin

Let’s not overlook the hidden side of all this turmoil about sexual harassment: How many times, when a sexual interlude of some kind DIDN’T turn out to be an opportunity for wealth, power and prestige, did the woman then “come forward” to “tell her story?” The answer to my above questions is: no one knows. But, the question needs to be posed. And we know what the answer is NOT: none. My suspicion: it’s a WHOLE LOT more common than anyone would be comfortable admitting. Continue reading Sexual Harassment — the Other Side of the Coin

Don’t…  “Believe the Women”

Don’t… “Believe the Women”

There HAVE been places where, absent evidence, we simply believed the accusers: The Soviet Union, Red China, Nazi Germany. The result: 120 million dead bodies. Not simply believing accusers is one of the massive, revolutionary changes we made in jurisprudence that have made this the greatest, freest country that’s ever existed. Oh, we went through a period when we simply believed the accusers, without any substantiating  evidence. We called that the time of the “Salem Witch Trials.” Continue reading Don’t… “Believe the Women”