NPR Watch (11-21-17) — FURIOUS Virtue Signaling!

NPR is hoping that by showing what good and upstanding and moral people they are, and by demonstrating that they won’t tolerate even a sexually suggestive remark in their midst, then everyone else will focus their sexual harassment hunting hysteria elsewhere. Really, though, a “sexually suggestive remark” is just the teentsy-weentsy hair sticking out of the big, fat NPR sex zit. Continue reading NPR Watch (11-21-17) — FURIOUS Virtue Signaling!


Harvey Weinstein — The REAL Story

Spare me, please, all the moral posturing and righteous indignation about Harvey Weinstein. It’s been known for DECADES that he’s the deviant male slut that he is. People sure liked his money, though! And all the fame that came with being in his movies. And all the prestige that made them able to stand up in front of various awards ceremonies and preach to the rest of us. You know, to those of us who never willingly palled around with a known sexual deviant? And all these “victims” were willing to put up with Weinstein’s nonsense to obtain all his goodies. Continue reading Harvey Weinstein — The REAL Story

White Supremacy? Just Another Leftist Fabrication

If you believe that there’s really any such thing as “White Supremacy,” and if you want to accuse us Conservatives of being guilty of it, then the burden to define it is on your shoulders. Furthermore, the burden to point to specific examples of it is also on your shoulders. If you can’t point to hundreds of thousands of specific examples of it, then you’re a fraud. And “White Supremacy” is  a fabrication. Continue reading White Supremacy? Just Another Leftist Fabrication

Do You Realize…

If you want to see where the world will end up, look to the thinking of the political right-wing in America today. If “evolution” is a thing, then the world will evolve toward the most advanced thinking there is. That’s, let’s face it, obviously on the political Right. The only question is when will the rest of the world understand this? Continue reading Do You Realize…