Pithy Passages From Our Pages (Part XIV)

Pithy Passages From Our Pages (Part XIV)

I’ve often wondered about the paths that people’s lives have taken. For example, if Josef Stalin had made up his mind at, say, 10-years old, that he wanted to go out into the world and murder 60 million people, what do you think he would come up with as a plausible strategy to accomplish that goal? Easy: become the leader of an incomprehensibly huge Socialist country from 1929 to 1953. That’s all there is to it. Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Ho Chi Minh, the Kim family… all figured it out. What’s the common element?


Socialism. The ideology of death.


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Sanders Wins Nevada

Don’t forget, this is the same party that nominated the addled, half-witted Bolshevik sympathizer, Henry Wallace to run for the Vice-Presidency under… Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Roosevelt and Wallace won the election of 1940, and Wallace was a heartbeat away from the Presidency itself. Wallace was a Soviet spy


Roosevelt’s closest adviser for a very long time was his Commerce Secretary, Harry Hopkins. Hopkins was a Soviet spy.


Why should anyone be surprised that the Democrat Party would embrace a batsh*t crazy half-witted, communist sympathizer like Bernie Sanders?


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Leftists Are Cowards

Leftists always, always, always gravitate toward the ones who will kill you. It’s the very same thing as the secondary henchkids of the elementary school playground bully. The ones who gravitate to the power that radiates from the bully. However, you and I always understand the real nature of these toadies: they’re cowards. They fear the very same bully in whose shadow they scuttle around like roaches. They figure that if they become the bully’s sycophants, they protect themselves from the bully’s threat of violence.


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The Catastrophic Failure that is Socialism

The Catastrophic Failure that is Socialism

Capitalism is mostly about allowing systems and structures to develop and grow organically. In other words: free people using free choices to show other free people how much they value, or don’t, their products and services. 

In Venezuela, one of the natural resource-richest countries… in the world, the people have no food or toilet paper. So, to make things better for them, their government guns them down in the streets. Why? Well, the people are quite naturally wondering why, with all the natural resources their country has… they have no toilet paper or food. When they express those concerns in public the government solves their petty complaints by adding a few grams of lead to their diet. Continue reading The Catastrophic Failure that is Socialism