Why censorship is always a very bad thing.

Why censorship is always a very bad thing.

People can be cantankerous sorts. It’s hard to get a significant majority to agree on anything — let alone unanimously, or in sufficient numbers to claim a “consensus.” On anything that’s not a hard and fast core belief or value, that is. So, if there’s a “consensus,” start looking around for censorship. And start doubting the conclusion being labeled: “consensus.”


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Hypothesis: There Was No Pandemic.

Hypothesis: There Was No Pandemic.

All evidence seem to point to the conclusion that, left unattended, and absent the hysteria, COVID might have caused a small and temporary up-tick in overall deaths in the world, but that’s about it.


Hardly a “pandemic.” Just another “flu,” like the swine one, or the avian one, of the Spanish one, or the SARS one, or the MERS one, or the H1N1 one… (yes, yes, I know… redundancies and all. Just naming a bunch of names we’ve all heard for: the flu)


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The Great American Stupid

The Great American Stupid

Still, no one states the obvious conclusion that everyone should draw from this: The Left recognizes — loudly, publicly and ostentatiously — that they can’t win a real debate on any important issue. So they simply dispatch whatever goons they’ve got hanging around to prevent the debate entirely.


Surely everyone’s also noticed that all goons are leftists, yes?


There are points — legitimate points — to make that run counter to Conservative ideas. Conservative thinking, though, is apparently so far beyond the ken of your average Democrat politician, and many of their voters, that they don’t bother even to try to engage with them.


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Drip… Drip… Drip…

Drip… Drip… Drip…

If you were to try to think up a way to kill thousands of elderly and weakened people, and get away with it, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better way than the one Coumo-Newsom-Whitmer found. They overtly, even aggressively, killed nursing home residents, by the thousands, this past year.


Bastards and idiots, every last one of ’em.


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What The #*!$@^!  <b><i>Heck?!?!?</i></b>

What The #*!$@^! Heck?!?!?

The truly important thing to know is: has the rate of infection changed among the now well-known vulnerable populations: the elderly and the infirm? If those numbers are staying about the same, or diminishing, then the rising number of “new cases” is not even the tiniest bit worrisome. Guess what: the important stuff about COVID is all going in the right direction: down. Things like: Death rates, hospitalization rates, infection rates among vulnerable populations…


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Grading Trump on COVID (and more)

Grading Trump on COVID (and more)

Trump federalized the effort, effectively making the states responsible for their own responses. This was EXACTLY the right thing to do, because it guaranteed 50 different responses, of which one would be the best, and would serve as a guide for future such crises. Let’s not forget that this is the FIRST such crisis we’ve faced with the ability to do instant communications. That was a particularly forward-thinking thing for Trump to do. In the beginning he gets an “A+”, because you can’t have an “A++.”


After that he gets a “C+”


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The Democrats and the Media are KILLING People(*)

A half-witted wanker — not so young or fresh-faced — was for a while the leading candidate — the odds-on favorite! — to head the Democrat Party in the upcoming Presidential election!


Nor is it insignificant that the Democrats recognized the problems with the half-witted wanker, and have firmly and resoundingly stated that a mumbling, incoherent geriatric sliding into dementia, is their real guy.


   “Heh heh. We were just kidding about the raving, dopey, fatuous, loony-eyed, boneheaded, Socialist tosser. We really meant the senile, rambling, incoherent, delusional, old dork! You know, the one who couldn’t find Florida on a map of… Florida.


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Coronavirus Pandemic: It’s All Over But the Shouting.

When you hear a whole lot of shouting, that’s the very first indicator that… the crisis has passed, that there’s no more danger, that it’s all over… all over but the shouting, that is.


We’re doing a whole, whole lot of shouting here in America.


But, the following is true too: China has closed down its last COVID-19 hospital because there are not enough new cases to support them. You read that right: new cases of this strain of the coronavirus have plummeted at Ground Zero, so that there are not enough to merit further extraordinary measures.


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