Trump said: “S—hole Countries!” (Part III)

Two things: (1) When some idiot breaks out the “Racist!” accusation, interrupt him immediately, and tell him that he sounds like an idiot, and that such a slander ought to be beneath anyone with any brains or any decency. Then ask him innocently, “Are you an idiot? If not, cut out the idiotic insults and try to talk like a mature adult.” And (2)
Someone should take Trump aside and say, “Listen Mr. President… you’re the President of the United States… that kind of language makes you look juvenile and crass. I think you should cut it out.” Continue reading Trump said: “S—hole Countries!” (Part III)

Trump said: “S—hole Countries!”

The LEAST successful immigrants — legal or otherwise — are those from those dysfunctional countries (to borrow Mark Steyn’s perfect term) that could reasonably, if inelegantly, be called “s—holes.” It would be a rational, intelligent, moral decision to limit immigration from dysfunctional, “s—hole” countries, and to maximize immigration from successful, stable countries, full of successful, stable people. Somewhere, at sometime, somehow,  someone — a whole bunch of someones — have to turn their thinking toward transforming current s—hole countries into… NOT s—hole countries! Continue reading Trump said: “S—hole Countries!”

Don’t…  “Believe the Women”

Don’t… “Believe the Women”

There HAVE been places where, absent evidence, we simply believed the accusers: The Soviet Union, Red China, Nazi Germany. The result: 120 million dead bodies. Not simply believing accusers is one of the massive, revolutionary changes we made in jurisprudence that have made this the greatest, freest country that’s ever existed. Oh, we went through a period when we simply believed the accusers, without any substantiating  evidence. We called that the time of the “Salem Witch Trials.” Continue reading Don’t… “Believe the Women”

Cracks in the RGI

Cracks in the RGI

We’ve long been saying that “white hostility toward black Americans is just not a big problem anymore.” Professor Johnson stops short of that, but OBVIOUSLY contradicts the Race Grievance Industry’s principal notion: that white hostility toward black Americans PREVENTS black Americans from achieving success in America. Continue reading Cracks in the RGI