<b><i>I’M</i></b> Not Stalin! (and <i>Trump’s</i> not <i>Trump</i>)

I’M Not Stalin! (and Trump’s not Trump)

Stalin understood quite well that the myth of STALIN!  had grown so far away from any resemblance to reality, and had been constructed by millions of people into such a vast, mountainous presence in everyone’s lives, that it no longer resembled the diminutive, unprepossessing person on whom it was based.


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Socialism Take-down Essay #20

Socialism Take-down Essay #20

The Great Socialism Take-down Project: Essay #20


Socialism is Evil! Why? Far from being a progressive, new thing, it’s nothing more than that same regression to the primitive. Granted, it’s the primitive all gussied up in fancy words like “income equality,” and “social justice,” and “equity,” but it’s still the same, old, mouldering, archaic, uncivilized toxin that has one person lording it over another, and that’s been in place for millennia. It’s the Law of the Jungle from caveman days, when might made right, and the people/serfs/slaves obeyed their powerful overseers… or else.


It’s ironic how, the more primitive, the more regressive, the more reactionary the system, the more those who support it insist that we all call it “Progressive.”


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