F-U! (…or something like that) (Part III)


Part of my premise is to put a very big, very public shock into the Democrat Party.

A LOT of their proposals are way, way waaaaaaay outside the pale, waaaaaaay over a very dark, very ugly line, for America and for Americans. Re-education camps; severe free speech limitations/censorship; AFFH; Critical Race Theory and more…

Someone ought to go into a very public forum and give a gigantic F-U to all these proposals, list them by name, and say some broadcastable equivalent of “from my cold, dead fingers” to them… suggesting that we needed to draw the line long ago, but we’re drawing it now, and there will be perfectly justifiable revolutionary-type activity if they continue to march down this road to tyranny.

By the way, we, and all Americans, need to stop metronomically repeating the mantra that “violence is never justified.”

All manner of violence is frequently justified… when it’s, well, justified!

I point to Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and other really violent incidents that most (but not all) believe to be perfectly justified. I point also to the American Revolution and the Civil War. There is no shortage of people supporting those examples of serious violence… in circumstances where violence was quite defensibly justified.

I’m proposing that we escalate to what I’ll call “Rhetorical Backbone.” It’s where we demonstrate that we’ve changed, and that the old scenario of: Left Proposes and bullies and proposes and bullies and proposes and bullies, until Conservatives after a few rounds just give them the whole thing they wanted in the first place… is gone. Never to return.

Let the Left characterize that as “violence,” but it’s not. However, and it’s a big’un… we should not pretend that if, for example, they come to put us or our families into re-education camps, then the nation will have crossed the line into a situation in which violence would be perfectly justified.

— xPraetorius

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