F-U! (…or something like that)


I don’t use the kind of language that the letters stand for, but, I wonder… can we at least use the letters in (somewhat) polite discourse?

I’ve long been searching for a way to say, “F-U!” without actually saying the thing, and maybe, just maybe, there it was all along! “F-U!

Is “F-U” an acceptable alternative?

We on the Right need to be able to express the same intensity of disdain, or disgust, or dismissal as what “F-U” stands for… without saying what it stands for outright. And we need to be able to direct it, or something like it, at all the crap that’s already come at us from the fledgling Biden Administration. And then at all the crap that will come at us from that ugly, intellectually deformed group as it works to consolidate its power.

When we settle on the best locution, whatever it is, we should say it, and yell it, and write it, and post it, and tweet it, and record it… loudly, and publicly, and frequently and unashamedly.

We should put it on banners and flags, and signs, and placards, and posters; we should drape it out our windows, and put it on memes in which we paint it across the face of those who do things like suggest “Re-education Camps.

Hey, AOC: Here’s what we think of your fascist ‘Re-education Camps’ idea: F-U!

We should put it in our blogs, in our YouTube videos, in our Locals, and MeWe and Rumble and other Social Media posts and videos, and then dare the bastards to cancel us and then say, “F-U!” to them as we infiltrate another Social Media outlet.

• Critical Race Theory? Hell no! F-U!

• Re-education Camps? Hell no! F-U! And the mangy horse you rode in on!

• American taxpayers forced to pay to kill unborn brown and black babies overseas? Hell no! F-U! And F-U again!

• Coming to take our guns? F-U! Up one side and down the other!

• Want to urbanize the suburbs and rural areas? F-U!

• Shut down the Keystone Pipeline? F-U, you bastards!

• Want to lock us in our homes until America turns into the Third World hellhole you seem to admire so much? F-U! And F-U! again!

• Want to order us to wear two, then three, then four masks and literally constrict the air we breathe? F-U! F-U a thousand times over! Gavin Newsom? F-U, you bastard! Andrew Cuomo? F-U, you corrupt, murdering bastard!

• Want to encourage left-wing, urban terrorist rioters for more than half-a-year, then pretend that one incident at the Capital/Capitol means that right-wing terrorists are the main problem in America? F-U! And F-U again!

• Madame Vice-President Harris: you helped pay to get the violent, left-wing, rioting bastards out of jail so they could harm more Americans. F-U, you corrupt, lying bastard!

• Walls around the Capitol and the White House? F-U!

• (This one’ll cause controversy, but it is correct, and we should be saying this, for the sheer principle of it) Want to impeach a frickin’ private citizen?!? F-U! And F-U again and again and again and again! You keep your grubby, corrupt, dirty, IQ-deprived little hands off any and all private citizens!

And so on…

So… is “F-U” a way we can say it, without, you know, saying it? Or, how ’bout: “EffU?” Or: “EffYou?” Maybe “FU?” Perhaps: “FYou?”

Thoroughly aghast for a very long time, I’ve desperately wanted to be able to say something of that intensity nearly every time each successive farcical, cockamamie, often lunatic proposal has oozed from a left-wing mouth.

What can a simple guy, who has a desire to be at least somewhat linguistically controlled, say that still expresses, in a publicly acceptable way, my vulgar, crude, white-hotly intense contempt for what the Left is trying to do to America?

Any ideas?

— xPraetorius

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