The Contrarian Argument

Below is a post I posted in Facebook recently. It’s a contrarian argument to the notion that President Trump caused all the recent foofaraw in Washington, DC.

I apologize in advance for this. I admit I am a bit of a contrarian, but I have the “gift” of being able to see many different angles and possibilities in things. Not a boast, by the way! It makes me indecisive, and I vacillate altogether too much as a result.

Now, with that out of the way, I don’t believe that the notion that “Trump is an evil menace who must go” is a slam dunk at all.

Nor do I believe that it’s a sure thing that “Trump incited riots or insurrection.” (Here’s Dinesh D’Souza saying Trump absolutely did not incite anyone to riot: link)

Remember: all our views into the incidents of recent days come from the dominant media, about which see more in the bulleted list below.

People do believe Trump is an evil menace who incited… etc. I believe their position is defensible, but not even close to being a slam dunk.

Well, here it is — a contrarian argument:

I’m going to say this very gently and in good faith. And I mean it in no hostile way at all. In other words, I believe that the idea that “Trump is evil and must go” is entirely defensible.

And  it’s wrong. Or at least not a slam dunk, by any stretch of the imagination.

The 2020 election was stolen, and it was stolen by a multi-pronged effort that still managed to defeat Trump only by a whisker.

Ignore the reports of disappearing Trump ballots and magically appearing Biden ballots. (Though, those things should be thoroughly investigated)

The other reports (below) are indisputably true:

Social Media placed an extremely heavy thumb on the scales. Inconceivable in the land of the First Amendment… but true. This is election interference with real effect. And, let’s call it what it was: fraud.

Academia was nearly unanimous in its indoctrination-style teaching about the evils of America and Trump. And in its silencing of different points of view. Inconceivable in the land of the First Amendment! But true. This also is election interference with real effect. And, let’s call IT what it was: fraud.

The media flogged obviously dubious narrative after obviously dubious narrative after obviously dubious narrative, for the entire Presidency, all of them turning out to be false (Charlottesville, bleach, dead soldiers, and, of course, Russia, Russia, Russia)

Inconceivable in the land of the First Amendment! But true. This is more election interference with real effect. And, let’s call it what it was: fraud.

Yes, there is a First Amendment protecting the media, but the media’s job is to tell the truth. When they lie — as they do promiscuously and relentlessly — it is: fraud.

Hollywood and pop culture. This is election interference via propaganda… It’s election interference with real effect.

Months of rioting, looting, burning, killing, assaulting, taking over government buildings, all egged on by the Democrats and far-left elected officials and the media, ALL of whom were vaguely hinting that if only Democrats were to win the election, then “normalcy” would return. Then, as if to confirm the worst suspicions, the riots magically… stopped after Election Day.

Along with this, we have COVID — a malady slightly more serious than the flu — and the country shuts down entirely? Millions lose their jobs, retreat into their homes, and the Democrats begin to wail about giving them more money? Who flogged that moronic narrative?!?

Well: the media began aggressively to squelch views that differed from the orthodoxy of lockdowns, lockdowns, lockdowns and masks, masks, masks. Inconceivable in the land of the First Amendment… but true. This is election interference with real effect. And, let’s call it what it was: fraud.

Then: mail-in voting! And it’s millions of possibilities for ballots just to appear, or disappear, as needed. As they appear to have done.

Seriously, only the truly naïve believe that it didn’t happen. However, in view of the above list of headwinds facing Trump it is legitimate to suggest that ballot fraud wasn’t sufficient to “overturn an election.”

It didn’t need to be.

It is not unreasonable to conclude that on the day after Election Day in 2016, top leadership of the Left said to each other, “Well, that’ll never happen again, we’re gonna guaran-durn-TEE it!

With the message-manipulating arsenal I detailed above, if I were a leader of the Left, I’d have absolutely investigated the possibility of guaran-durn-teeing the outcome of the next election!

And, I guaran-durn-tee you that some on the Left did investigate the possibility of being durned sure that the election was not going to be lost… whether it was lost or not.

Did they act on that impulse? I dunno, but no one doubt the corruption and ruthlessness of the Left.

It’s important to know that the Republicans and the Trump re-election team had none of the above rather massive  weapons at their disposal. None.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… FOX News. Weak tea compared to the above-listed things. The fact that FOX News is the only thing anyone can list as remotely favoring Trump or Republicans, just drives my point home even more persuasively.

In summation, the conclusion that Trump is evil and must go is absolutely defensible. I’d ask everyone, though, to agree that people who believe that the election was stolen in the ways I suggested above also have a perfectly defensible, even commonsensical, quite credible, entirely possible, even likely… point.

Needless to say, I welcome opposing points of view and disagreement.

— xPraetorius

13 thoughts on “The Contrarian Argument

  1. Seems to me we are way past all this. You looking for sympathetic affirmation from like opinions to yours so you feel better? We had a Trump insurrection last week on our Capitol. Trump just got impeached, and his business relationships are folding, his banks have left him and want loans paid up, his “friends” are vanishing, his personal branding is gone, contracts are being canceled. Inside the next 30 days he likely will be affirmed guilty by the Senate and he will be a political has-been as he can’t run for public office ever again. His base is ultimately going to evaporate down the line as he becomes a liability when the blood starts to flow next week as Americans start killing Americans simply because of his past lies.
    The country is suffering poorly from his pandemic “policies”… as he has sold his base that it’s all “just the flu”. The economy sucks and is going to get worse before it gets better.
    We have 6 more days of this clown to watch him try and continue to burn the place down… which will help motivate reluctant Senators.

    All this…. and you are wanting feedback on ancient history? Feel free to look back and consider how much your support of him helped to enable all he has done (to which you will reply was all “good”.). Yeah.. nothing but good.

    1. Wow, Doug! You ARE a bitter old man!

      Calm down, dude.

      How are we EVER “past” rampant election interference and voter fraud? What a stupid thing to say!

      We just spent FOUR long years wallowing in fake foreign election interference, aided and abetted by morons like you, and YOU’RE trying to tell me that it’s OKAY now for AMERICANS to interfere in elections.

      You’re messed up, dude.

      And, let me guess… you won’t ACTUALLY dispute a single point I made in my bullet list.

      If Americans start killing other Americans, it’ll be because of people like you who have long allowed the political Left and all its gaggle of usual suspects, to lie, defraud, slander, steal, libel and cheat in election after election after election after election.

      This is all YOUR fault, Doug, and the fault of the ignorant, dishonest ilk like you… you’re just too dishonest and too much of a moral coward and a failure to admit it. You should be ashamed of yourself.


      — x

      1. I see I struck a nerve. Think about it.. what happens in the streets next week will only exemplify the idea that our divisiveness is essentially all about killing people over the definition of patriotism.

        1. Nope. You didn’t strike a nerve. You simply said a bunch of stupid nitwittery, and I pointed it out.

          Also, if anything bad happens in the next few days, it’ll be your fault, and again, the fault of irrational half-wits like you.


          — x

        2. Aaaaaand, Doug, I see that I was right. You didn’t dispute a single thing I said in my bullet list of particulars. So, you essentially concede that everything I said was true — but YOU, somehow, disagree with it all!

          You ARE irrational, and you ARE just a sad, myopic, little old man.

          This country — by far the greatest that’s ever been — is collapsing, and it’s because of weak, ignorant, little bastards who were too lazy, or terrified, or who knows what, to do anything about it long ago.


          — x

          1. You sound like a Millennial…. or at least this personality does. Stop being so negative.
            The country is not collapsing.

          2. You sound like a typical, “Head In The Sand” low-information spectator…

            How do you defend the notion that the country is not collapsing?


            — x

          3. How do I perceive that the country is not collapsing? Rather simple.
            – Congress might be having a tough time.. but it’s still a Congress.
            -Republicans have no traditional identity.. it’s now Q-Trumplicans. But that’s on them.
            -Other institutions of government are still operating as intended.
            -Country cannot turn to socialism, Marxism.. fascism.. whatever your chosen idiocy is.. unless the rules of the Constitution are followed to make that change. No one person can dump it. If the military throws everyone out of power, ala Myanmar (the military being the only single institution with the power to do so by force) then the stock market will plummet… and.. go to the next item……..

            Here’s the most important sign(s) that nothing is collapsing… yet…
            You can still turn the lights on… to use your smartphone… to place your pizza order online, and Walmart is open for business with full shelves of product. When those things.. any of those things… are interrupted then you might want to worry.

          4. Might be time to pull your head out of the sand, Doug.

            You said: “Country cannot turn to socialism, Marxism.. fascism.. whatever your chosen idiocy is.. unless the rules of the Constitution are followed to make that change”

            REPLY: Incorrect. The Democrats have been ignoring the Constitution for years now, and #1: Republicans have been too wussified to say anything, and compliant judges have allowed them to do it.

            The Constitution is becoming less and less meaningful as a “law of the land” by the day, and it’s because of people like you and the Democrats who have been either ignoring it (the Dems) or have been enabling that flouting of the document (you, and people like you).

            This country is, indeed, poised to become a Socialist country; in fact the transformation is not far from complete.

            Look at the now preponderance of Socialist institutions that all but run our country: The Democrat Party; the educational system; Social Media; the legacy media; Hollywood (the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party); pop culture (another propaganda arm of the Democrat Party); Corporate America; publishing houses (another propaganda arm), and so on.

            It’s happening right in front of your eyes, and you’re too blind to see it.


            — x

          5. 1. Let’s assume for the sake of discussion here you are absolutely correct. Then I might ask, how do you know all this is true.. all wise sage? But I know this for an absolute fact… you don’t know, you have no secret knowledge known only to Trumpsters, you haven’t the foggiest any more than anyone else. But you THINK you are right… Right, and correct.

            2. You wrote….
            “REPLY: Incorrect. The Democrats have been ignoring the Constitution for years now, and #1: Republicans have been too wussified to say anything, and compliant judges have allowed them to do it.”
            Soooo.. Dems are ignoring it.. GOP are too wussy to bother with it. Given that’s most of America maybe it’s the will of the people? After all.. only the will of the people can change our form of government.

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