A Little Off-topic Humor For Ya…

I ordered a desk/folding table from Amazon a couple weeks back, and it arrived Thursday. Here’s the delivery notification from Amazon:
Delivered Thursday
Package was left inside the residence’s mailbox
Track package
THKKY No-Assembly Folding Desk, 31.5″ Small Computer Desk Home Office Desk Foldable Table Study Writing Desk Workstation for Small Space Offices (White)
Sold by: C&D waterwood
Return eligible through Feb 7, 2021
Sooooooooo… the delivery dude reported that he left the folding desk — roughly 3 feet by 3 feet in the box — inside my mailbox?!?!?
Neat trick, that!
I wonder whether he put it in there with the small family of elephants also living in my mailbox!

— xPraetorius

2 thoughts on “A Little Off-topic Humor For Ya…

  1. Ha! The incompetence and I attention to detail is no surprise. Why people do not strive to excel is baffling.

    I still get other people’s mail. Last name: address/ not even close. And the govt is to be trusted with ‘nail in ballots?’ Yeah ok.

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