A Different Perspective on The Last Few Days in Washington, DC

Sub-head: Manipulative, scheming bastards, trying to control our perception of things around us.

The tone and tenor of the media “coverage” of recent days at the nation’s capital would have been exactly the same as it was, regardless of what had actually transpired in Washington.

It’s kind of useless to mention that many with whom I’ve spoken, and many whose content I’ve watched, have declared that the protests in Washington were almost exclusively peaceful, except for a tiny, tiny fringe of aggressive nut jobs who got all the coverage.

Of course.

The point is that the ones who invaded the Capitol Building and committed violence did stop over a line, and do deserve universal condemnation.

Not for being in the building — is it “the People’s House,” or not?!? — but for committing violence when in there.

But… and it’s a doozy…

You and I could have predicted that “coverage” of the “rioting” (we’d have predicted that they’d call it “rioting,” not suspecting that they’d go all the way to “insurrection.”) would completely drown out the fact that there were what looked like frickin’ millions in the streets of Washington, DC.

That’s no small thing at all. And there was a substantive, and valuable, and important, and valid message in the minds of those millions, and in the minds of tens of millions more across the country.


Unreported as if it had never existed… in favor of a cartoon-comical dude with Viking horns wearing furs or some such, and posturing at the top of a staircase.

The notion of looting the capital, or a coup, or rioting and looting, or occupying Nancy Pelosi’s office, or stealing a lectern, did not animate those millions in Washington.

The completely valid, supportable, defensible notion that there were serious illegalities, and serious irregularities, and serious problems with the 2020 election, that all require extensive investigation was the sole animating principle for 99.99999% of all those in the streets of the capital. That, too, should have received some coverage; say, 50% of it.

WHY are literal millions of people in the streets of the capital? is kind of an important question. It was completely unaddressed. If they’d been wearing “pu**y hats,” we’d have heard all about their grievances, you can be sure of it.

The bulk of the “on-the-spot coverage” was written long, long before January 6th — if not in actual wording, then in tone and tenor… because what the media would say was going to happen, was 100% predictable, and likely nothing at all like what actually was going to happen.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer my news as, you know, news — “Hey! This interesting thing just happened!” — not as pre-written narrative into which some manipulative, scheming bastard, trying to control my perception of things around me*, then fits or fabricates any events he can find to support that narrative.

If there had been no storming of the Capitol Building, then someone would have made it up anyway. You know how it goes: “This just in: Anonymous sources are reporting that armed right-wing extremists are roaming the halls seeking targets. Our sources are not revealing themselves because they fear for their safety.” etc.

MSNBC, CNN, WaPo, LA Times, NY Times, NPR, ABC, CBS, NBC, et al, would have had no qualms whatsoever about taking the first such fabricated report and running with it uncritically. And, presto-changeo! it’s “news!” Up is down, fact is fiction, white is black (no, Rachel Dolezal, not you), and the rest of the country believes fervently that something that never happened… happened.

That they didn’t have to fabricate it this time doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have fabricated it. (Think about that for just a moment.)

Remember, for example, how the NY Times — The NY TIMES, for heavens sake! Should we just start calling them “NY Pravda” now? — ran with the completely fabricated story about Trump calling dead soldiers losers and chumps. Remember how all the media ran with the Charlottesville fabrication? None have retracted either “story” to this day that I’m aware of. Even though the Charlottesville video is right out there for all to see!

Those are things that, presumably, are safely ensconced in American history texts as a fact of history… and they never happened. They’re probably in the very same chapter with “Hands up – don’t shoot!” which also… never happened. And “Trump told people to inject bleach,” which… never happened. And so on and so forth.

The media lie. And they lie and lie and lie and lie and lie again, and then some more. And when they don’t have an actual incident about which to lie, they simply make one up.

Remember for example:
• The gauntlet of violent, racial slur-hurling protestors through which those poor, brave Congress members had to pass several short years ago, as they made their way intrepidly to their jobs representing our interests? It never happened, but was fabricated, reported on and, presumably, is also now in American history texts.
• The latent violence and the rampant racism at all the Tea Party rallies? There was never any of either at those rallies, but people I interact with still tell me about those racist, violent Tea Party rallies.

There are American people who learned the Big Lie principle well and thoroughly. Just because, in World War II, we defeated the most famous user of the Big Lie theory, doesn’t mean the principle is no longer true.

The Soviets were masters of the Big Lie, as is the entirety of the International Left.

There’s a reason the Chinese Communist Party goons named their country “The People’s Republic of China,” and it had nothing to do with turning the country over to the, you know, to the actual people.

There’s a reason the North Koreans call their little hellhole “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,” and it has nothing to do with instituting anything Democratic, or for the people, or republican (small “R”).

But it all has everything to do with the Big Lie.

The protests in Washington in recent days were “mostly peaceful;” far more peaceful, in fact, than the protests, rioting and looting around the country over the Summer. But there was rioting in the past few days, and no one condemns that more fervently than I. As I — we all — did over the Summer in these very pages.

The difference is simple: whether or not there was any actual violence whatsoever these past few days, you and I know that there would have been a “violent insurrection” in Washington… at least that’s what the reports would have been.

We can all know this from “the takeaway” from various events in recent history and their media “coverage.”
• Michael Brown in Ferguson? Takeaway: “Hands up – don’t shoot.” Never happened.
• Tea Party rallies? Takeaway: Racist. Never a hint of it.
• Charlottesville? Takeaway: Trump called white supremacists fine people. Never happened.
• Dead soldiers are losers? Takeaway: Trump called fallen soldiers losers and chumps. Never happened.
• The riots over the summer? Takeaway: “mostly peaceful protests” (which will, over time, morph into “peaceful protests.”)
• And now, the past few days? Takeaway: “violent insurrection.”

Everything we’ve read and seen in the still-dominant legacy media was written long before January 6, 2021.

And now the New Media are scrambling — fast — to make sure that they control the narrative in just as lock-step, just as dishonest, just as corrupt, just as leftist — but I repeat myself — a way as the dying legacy and print media.

Facebook, for example, just deleted the #WalkAway movement, along with hundreds of thousands of video testimonials about why people were leaving the Democrat Party. How long before our small, but increasingly influential think tank is banned from these pages?

Apple is demanding draconian censorship of Parler, or it will not be allowed on iPhones. The manufacturers of devices on which Social Media appear are part of Social Media too. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube have long been involved in censoring Conservative and contrarian voices.

Let’s face it, Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Tim Cook (Apple), and the Google gazillionaires own Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Without the Socials’ aggressive interference in the election on behalf of Biden/Harris, Trump would have won going away. Do you think that they’re just going to stand-by and watch as the far freer Parler’s and Locals’s of the world gain steam because the likes of you and I abandon the old, corrupt dominant Socials? Of course not! But not because they worry about competition in the world of Social Media, no it’s because they worry about contrarian voices! About dissenting voices that might not share the same leftist beliefs as the names mentioned above.

Get ready for a whole lot of clamping down on your and my ability to say what we think, if it differs from leftist orthodoxy. And this in the land of the free and the home of the brave… in the land of the First Frickin’ Amendment to the Constitution, for heaven’s sake!

— xPraetorius

* “Manipulative, scheming bastards, trying to control our perception of things around us.” — I guess that’ll do as a summary description of today’s media and Social Media. As well as academia, Hollywood and the rest of pop culture.

17 thoughts on “A Different Perspective on The Last Few Days in Washington, DC

    1. Many thanks, Tricia!

      And a very Happy New Year to you and yours! And may you have many, many more, each better, sweeter, happier, healthier, more prosperous, more love-, laughter-, and joy-filled than the previous!

      I mean those wishes fervently, and extend them to every single American, without exception.

      Of course that’ll mean, for that to happen, that what I fear from the Biden/Harris administration won’t actually come to pass. And, in the immortal words of Rush Limbaugh, I hope that the Biden/Harris administration fails utterly to achieve its goals. 🙂


      — x

      1. Well happy new Year to you and yours as well x! I wish all the same for you too but of course the Biden/Harris fiasco is going to make for some tough times ahead for sure.

        Guess it will make our side stronger though but we are really going to have to be creative in getting the good word out among rampany censorship. I wonder if/when WordPress will start with that nonsense? It’s only a matter of time.

        1. Thanks, Tricia! You said: “I wonder if/when WordPress will start with that nonsense? It’s only a matter of time.”

          I was holding off saying exactly that! Didn’t want to give them any ideas, you know! 🙂

          I think the fact that we have resolutely done all that we can to fly well below the radar has made us less vulnerable to the inevitable censorship coming.

          But I’m sure it’s on its way.


          — x

    2. Posting a second time as it doesn’t appear to have worked

      I have always held to the belief that Q is cointelpro and was conceived for this exact moment. Does anyone feel it is a coincidence that the Q shaman(as he describes himself) dresses the way he does and ends up exactly where he does. The following link is not endorsed by me it just has a picture you should see.

      There is a picture of the ‘Shaman’ standing with his cohorts (all people on the right in picture wearing trump hats) that you must have seen. The guy in the front on the left is sporting a tattoo on his hand that is from the video game ‘dishonored’ that bears a passing resemblance to a hammer and sickle. The hammer and sickle story was jumped on and became the dominant narrative within minutes(I kid you not minutes) and serves the double agenda of making the younger people look at conservatives as dumb, old and out of touch. The theatrics and messaging within this entire affair smacks of a DC hard arse called Rosenberg. Maybe you should do some in depth investigation of that man X because he is AFAIK the real puppetmaster running stuff. While I am conspiring what is with the odd round thing passed to Pence immediately after he accepted the electoral votes? I know we weren’t meant to see it due to the hand coming up which was obviously saying “WTF Mike put it in your pocket before anyone sees it”.

      1. Hi, UL! Welcome back!

        My apologies! I’m not sure what caused your post to go into moderation, but I have freed it from its confinement!

        Much to look at there, and I want to give it plenty of scrutiny before saying anything.

        I WILL be investigating the topics you broached in the next couple of days.

        Thanks for your contribution. You’re always welcome here!


        — x

    1. Lol! Do you disagree with my perspectives? Just a bit? 🙂

      I’d welcome your assessment of what was wrong with the particulars of what I said in the essay.

      Oh, and a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!


      — x

      1. I still think.. as I have since his descension from the heavens down that elevator, that he’s a clear and present danger to the country.. and he hasn’t disappointed. I’m not getting drawn into some debate on what anything of what you said is “wrong” or not. You’re way too involved in conspiracy theories…. which pretty much nullifies anything I might submit. Your first line says it all….


        There’s not one actual FACT in this entire post. There are, of course, YOUR facts. And.. no… I will not point them out.

        1. Doug, Doug, Doug… that’s a long-winded way to say that you disagree because you disagree, but you have nothing with which to back up your disagreement.

          You told me that “There’s not one actual FACT in my entire post.”

          The following are all REAL facts, not “my facts” and they appeared in my post:
          • The NY Times DID run with the “dead soldiers losers” fabrication. Then the rest of the media scooped it up uncritically and ran with it. Have you heard any of them retract it?
          • The media DID run with the Charlottesville fabrication. Have you heard a retraction from any of the usual suspects
          • The media DID, nearly unanimously, run with the Russia hoax — for four years.
          • Social Media DID censor Conservative voices aggressively in the run-up to the election
          • Facebook DID just delete #WalkAway from their pages — yesterday, in fact.
          • YouTube IS actively censoring exclusively right-wing voices.
          • Academia IS actively censoring, and sometimes violently attacking, Conservative voices, let-alone voice which merely support free speech. Watch some of the “Dark Horse” podcasts by Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying sometime. Incidentally, both Weinstein and Heying are leftists in good standing, but they share the RIGHT-wing’s support for free speech.
          • “Hands up – Don’t shoot!” did NOT happen, despite the fact that the media ran with it. Have you seen any of the usual suspects retract it?
          • Congress DID just enact a rule in the House of Representatives banning the use of “gendered language,” and forbade a list of words that DOES include: “father, mother, son, daughter,” and many more (he, she, him, her, his hers, etc.)

          Do you dispute that these are ACTUAL facts, and not “my facts?” And, if so, it should be child’s play to point out which of these items is NOT a fact. Give me at least one… I’ll allow you to have an “exaggeration” mulligan when you said “There’s not one actual FACT in my entire post,” but if that’s even a LITTLE bit true, then you have to point out at least one.

          If you can’t, then you were… well wrong. I’m loath to suggest that anyone’s lying when they say something that’s patently false, because “lying” means: “intends to deceive.” I think you were just shooting off the cuff, and didn’t REALLY think that you’d said something really stupid…

          My challenge to you — since you didn’t ACTUALLY differ with any of my facts, except to say they’re NOT facts just because I said them — is to show how all this does NOT fit into a pattern (not a conspiracy) of gradual erosion of our personal liberties, along with the simultaneous accumulation of power into the hands of the Left in all the major institutions of this country.

          One last thing, Doug… here’s another fact: It ain’t anyone on the RIGHT who’s trying to take away any of your civil liberties.
          • There is a powerful movement — on the Left — that supports the abolition free speech. This movement has carried the day on college campuses, and in the media and Social Media.
          • There is a powerful movement — on the Left — that supports taking away your right to own a firearm.
          • Overwhelmingly, the Left is demanding that you stay indoors and that you not be able to open your business.
          • The ones who suggest religiously that your mother should be able to take your life before you’re born are on the Left.
          • And now the ones who support the ability to kill you — with dignity! — are all on the Left.
          • Money is power. Overwhelmingly the ones trying to take you money and turn it over to the government… are on the Left.
          • Land is power… the ones trying to turn land into a “public trust (read under government control) are… on the Left.
          • The ones trying to control Doug’s life are… on the Left.
          • The ones suggesting that people ought to leave Doug alone are… on the Right.

          Go ahead… contradict ANY of that. And, SOME specifics, please. Not just: “No.”


          — x

          1. I’ll do one for you… the alleged soldiers are losers remark… go here…

            It’s NBC, I know. Not reliable FOX.

            None of this matters in the least. He’s gone on the 20th.. and maybe before.. who knows. Even that doesn’t really matter. He’s turned out exactly as predicted. No doubt he will be legislated into not ever running for elected office again.

          2. Lol! You did see, did you not, that your link didn’t debunk anything, but merely echoed the false reports

            The incident never happened. And those who were reported to have said it did, denied that they ever said it.

            Yes, there were reports that Trump had made the “losers” and “chumps” remarks, and he never did.

            The report to which you linked failed to mention that. You have to face it: you’re so blinded by your hatred that you’re unable to see clearly, and you’ve become an unserious thinker and commenter as a result.

            AND you’re prone to stupid remarks. I haven’t seen a FOX News broadcast in several years, yet you assumed that I’m a FOX viewer. Do a little independent research on your own, Doug, I’m sick of having to educate people who are too lazy to do even the most minimal of checking before they parrot someone else’s talking points.


            — x

          3. Frankly I could give a rat’s a** about what you or other Trumplicans think of the media. I’ve stated since before he walked down the escalator from the heavens that he was sick in the head.. which has been confirmed by many professionals and of late his niece.. who is also professional. Strangely, you don’t need to be a psych professional to see it anyway… and you certainly do not need a doctor’s visit to have his actions interpreted. He proved it this week alone. His insurgency attempt pretty much makes anything you try to say to support him as ill-conceived, misinformed, blathering. His era is over. Yes.. I honestly do feel for all the supporters he has betrayed because they are fellow Americans. But those fellow Americans at the Capitol just attempted to defile the Constitution. He has accomplished one thing.. worst President in American history.

          4. This is why you’re not a serious commenter. You can’t stop yourself from name-calling, and other proofs that you don’t have any REAL arguments.

            If you’d read anything of what I’ve written, you’d never try to paint me as a “Trumplican.”

            As a long-time Trump-skeptic, I’m one of the few rational observers out there who are NOT immature, hysterical Trump haters, like you, but who choose to observe things while NOT being a slave, as you are, to the dominant media — also hysterical Trump-haters.

            Go ahead and consume uncritically the slop you’ve been consuming. Go ahead and continue to consider yourself the intelligent one. It’s always the idiots who think they’re the most intelligent… and who start the name-calling first. As you did. Don’t be an idiot.


            — x

          5. What name-calling? You’ve accused me of TDS in the past… and you are offended being called a Trumplican? Now you’re calling me an idiot because you can’t comment about Trump’s mental state of mind all along. Sounds like you (or whoever you represent) are getting a little frustrated with Trump-induced events.
            I have NO issues with your politics…. as we all have our own opinions and they are equally valid in a perfect world. But you hail the man.. and it matters not to me how you want to justify some separation between his actions and his politics to suit your own morality. I have personally declared the man a clear & present danger to the country from before his elevator trip… and he (very sadly) has lived up to it. Because of his mental state he honestly has no idea what he has done wrong. But that in no way removes him from responsibility. Oh.. by the way… the next “peaceful” demonstration will include guns.. and death… because the gun-toting Trump mob has been whipped into a frenzy and has been chomping at the bit to exercise their Second Amendment right to depose government. Fellow Americans on both sides will die because of Trump. Embrace the horror you enabled.

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