Re: The Current Turmoil in Washington

There’s talk of rushing through an impeachment and removal of Trump. Of arresting him, and even of jailing him for treason… still, I believe, a capital crime.


I do wonder what would have happened if the Dems, and the Left in general, hadn’t been so hideous for the past four years.

Talk about someone who never had one day of a chance! That’s Trump. The tsunami of crap started the day after Election Day in 2016!

The media, academia, Hollywood, Social Media, pop culture… all united in a chorus of what turned out to be nothing but lies and fabrications and more lies — Russia, Russia, Russia! The Charlottesville fabrication is still considered a true thing. The “dead soldiers were losers” fabrication is still considered a true thing, and so on, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

For four years, without let up.

Contrast that with the adoration slathered on Obama for eight years by the same suspects, and you have a recipe for people on the right — of all stripes — being mad as hell. As I am now.

Remember: Obama actually did (with the IRS) what Nixon only talked about, and was about to be impeached for before he resigned. And what would have been the “charge” in Nixon’s impeachment: Gross abuse of power.

People are blaming Trump and Republicans in general, and the Right, but this has a lot more to do with the corruption and dishonesty coming from… the Left, and not only these past four years, but for decades before that.

Don’t forget: Biden’s upcoming Presidency is a product of Social Media censorship, media lies and distortions, Democrat fabrications and lies. If there had not been just those three things — not even counting COVID — Trump would have won going away.

The election may not have (or may have) been stolen by fraudulent boxes of ballots just turning up, and corrupted voting machines and things like that, but the tissue of lies, distortions and corruption that the Dems and the Left wove for the entire Trump Presidency makes you wonder how there could have been no election malfeasance at all. Now, at long last, on Election Day, the Dems decide to play it honest and straight? Really?

Likely not.

Between you and me, if the Dems and the Left had not been so hideous for so long, there would not be people in the streets demonstrating in Washington. Furthermore, if the Dems and the Left had  not said openly and plainly that if you’re on the Left and you want to riot, we support you — there would not be people demonstrating in the streets of Washington.

Let’s not forget that the Dems and the Left have been hideous for so long, that we’ve all kind of figured it was just normal for them.

Is anyone really all that surprised when you hear, “No gendered language in Congress?” That the words, “mother,” and, “father,” and “sister,” and “brother,” and “daughter,” and “son” are all off-limits in the halls of the American Congress? Or, “Amen and A-woman?” Or any of the other myriad gobbets of cowfloppery that comes from the Democrats? I’m not, and I stopped being surprised a long time ago.

I’m not justifying anything that’s going on today; I’m just surprised that it didn’t happen earlier. I’ve been fed up with the corruption and the dishonesty for a very long time. The GOP is not great, but they’re a whole lot better, and they’ve never been hideous.

— xPraetorius

2 thoughts on “Re: The Current Turmoil in Washington

  1. Well said x. The people that stormed the Capital were wrong as was the President, but the left has just been hideous for years. So yes I am not at all surprised by what’s going on.

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