Name One. Just One. (At LEAST one, though)

Because, if you CAN’T name at LEAST one, then it was all just lies the whole time. 

One thing that fascinated me, as a regular Trump critic, this past election go ’round: I kept hearing from Democrat voters and leftists in general, that Trump was a “dictator,” that his Presidency was a “dictatorship,” that he was a “tyrant,” and that he was “taking away everyone’s rights.”

This despite ANY evidence of ANY of that visible ANYwhere. My question was simple: Okay, what rights of yours have been taken away or decreased, or are in jeopardy in any way? Give me just ONE, and show me something persuasive to back it up, and I’m on the ramparts WITH you. Immediately!

More to the point, it seemed as if America — at least in the past few months and years, has only been EXPANDING the rights of many. A case in point: The recent riots in which various mayors — and even governors! — allowed armed groups to rampage through their cities, destroying property, looting businesses, tearing down taxpayer-paid monuments and statues, even killing people, while the same mayors and governors PRAISED the rioters, and even the media called the violence “mostly peaceful.” Certainly the police stood by as hundreds and thousands of innocent lives were upended or ruined, and some were even lost.

If you or I were to go out to our local capital city’s center square and start rioting and vandalizing things, we’d go to jail immediately… and we’d face additional jail time counted in years, not weeks or months. Unless, that is, we were to don the uniform of the “correct” gang; say the black mask of Antifa, or a BLM sweatshirt.

Even more to the point, I was unable to hear from those doing the complaining, ANY rights they believed had diminished in ANY way! Not one. Not even one. Let’s think of some, and examine them.

• Free speech? Obviously not. Leftists were nearly the ONLY ones doing any speaking, and they attacked, assaulted, shouted down, or otherwise prevented dissenting voices from speaking.

• Free assembly? Obviously not. They were, rather obviously, “assembling” all over America. Even when the COVID harpies were telling them to stay in their homes! It should be noted that GOVERNORS across the country WERE violating the right to assemble freely, in the context of COVID. But that wasn’t the Trump administration. And often these governors were the very ones looking the other way as rioters rioted!

• How about due process rights? Well, if you’re not even being processed, ie arrested — as the rioters weren’t, and aren’t — then you aren’t being denied due process rights, again obviously.

• Freedom of the press, maybe? I don’t think so. Were we REALLY lacking for Trump critics anywhere in the media? Did they REALLY feel all that restrained in their criticisms?!? Lol!

Again, rioting and vandalism of public property are things for which you or I would have been arrested, held, charged, tried, and possibly convicted. And we would have understood perfectly well why! So, WHICH rights was Trump, that “tyrant,” busily taking away from Americans?

It’s a serious question! If someone could show me WHICH rights the Trump Administration is or was taking away, I’d be right out there with the rest of them protesting it! Because that WOULD be un-American! And it WOULD be tyrannical! And it WOULD be dictatorial!

Now, while these violent, but “mostly peaceful,” groups were complaining so loudly, the Trump Administration was — OBJECTIVELY — taking steps to REDUCE its own power to restrain ANYONE’s rights in America. How’s that? The Trump Administration engaged in extensive DEregulation. Deregulation is when the government actually DECREASES its own power to tell people what to do and how to act. How do I know this? Easy: it’s one of the things about which Democrats and the political Left complained most vociferously!


What “dictator,” what “tyrant,” what “fascist” ACTIVELY acts to decrease his or her own power?!? Well, if you ask the Democrats, it’s TRUMP who did that… and they were royally ticked off about it! All, while complaining about Trump’s somehow being a “fascist dictator.”

And, at the same time, we watched as MASSIVELY important institutions in America took it upon THEMSELVES — extra-constitutionally — to parcel out rights as THEY saw fit, to the people interacting with them.

• In academia, university professors and administrators ACTIVELY and AGGRESSIVELY squelch free speech for students, faculty and guest speakers with whom they disagree politically.

• Those same university professors and administrators also ACTIVELY and AGGRESSIVELY deny nearly half their population — the male portion — due process rights in any dispute with distaff students or faculty.

• They also ACTIVELY and AGGRESSIVELY deny dissenting students, faculty and speakers THEIR free assembly rights, by denying them venues in which to meet and speak.

• It’s important to note that there is no recorded instance of a leftist student, faculty member or guest speaker EVER being censored in any way on any college campus in America.

• In fact, in the rare instance where there is a college or university that is AVOWEDLY Conservative — I’m thinking of Hillsdale College, for example — the policy there is often to invite left-wing guest speakers, so as to present a fully rounded, comprehensive perspective on the issues of the day.

• Social media ACTIVELY and AGGRESSIVELY censor the free speech rights of more than half of the people who use their platforms to communicate and disseminate information and opinion.

Social media now control the bulk of the dissemination of information in America today, and they actively censor that information. THAT is a REAL threat to democracy!

Don’t like oligarchies? Guess what, the Social Media Oligarchy now has a stranglehold on the (likely) next resident of the White House. If he steps, even a tiny bit, out of line, all they have to do is to ramp up the crazed half-wits of “The Squad,” and their foot soldiers in the streets, or allow certain highly damning CONSERVATIVE thought to go uncensored. Biden and Harris know this full well.

The Social Media Oligarchy includes Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Bill Gates, Tim Cook and the Google gazillionaires. Assuming that Biden becomes the next President, these people OWN him and Kamala Harris. Biden will be, at best, a one-termer, but Harris will have no possibility of being ELECTED President after Biden… without the Social Media Oligarchs.

(Assuming, of course, that Biden lasts even the one term. I’ve suggested that he might not make six months.)

• How about those OTHER massively important institutions that disseminate information and opinion? How about, say, Hollywood? The FACT of contemporary Hollywood’s blacklisting and censorship of Conservative voices isn’t questioned by anyone.

• How about the legacy media? Are they being absolutely sure to protect ALL their people from anything that might be detrimental to their enjoyment of the very right enshrined in the very first Amendment to the Constitution: a free press? Well… nope. The legacy media — television, newspapers and radio — ACTIVELY and AGGRESSIVELY discriminate against anyone who even slightly breaks with their dominant, entrenched, established left-wing orthodoxy.

• How about Pop Culture in general? Same thing as for Social media, Hollywood, the legacy media and academia. Pop Culture ACTIVELY and AGGRESSIVELY discriminates against anyone who even slightly breaks with their dominant, entrenched, established left-wing orthodoxy.

Those last bullets encompass ALL the major institutions that overwhelmingly control the dissemination of information and opinion in America (and the world), and ALL of them ACTIVELY and AGGRESSIVELY discriminate against anyone who even slightly breaks with their dominant, entrenched, established left-wing orthodoxy.

These are ACTUAL rights — free speech, freedom of expression, free assembly, freedom from wrongful discrimination, freedom of the press — being denied LOTS of people… more than half of all people in America! (if polls are to be believed — a BIG “if!”) — and none of it coming from the Trump Administration!

Finally, there WAS plenty to criticize in the Trump Administration. It’s a shame that the Left never saw fit to mention it, instead going straight for a bunch of frothing, hysterical, irrational, patently nonsensical codswallop.

If Trump is, was, or ever wanted to be, a “tyrant” or a “dictator,” then he’s really not very good at it. He should have looked to the people on his political Left, who actually ARE busily engaged in denying Americans sacred human rights.

— xPraetorius

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