It’s important to note that the “usual suspects” still control the information stream to a large majority of the people. This is, of course, the legacy media: CBS, NBC, ABC, WaPo, NYT, LAT, Chi Trib, CNN, NPR, etc., etc., etc.

I admit to not knowing what the percentage is of those who “get their news” (what is “news” after all?) from those above-listed sources, but when last I was aware, it was north of 80%. And, yes, that bunch of sources IS dominated by political leftists.

If you add in the other left-dominated institutions: Academia, Hollywood, Social Media, Pop Culture… you have a solid wall of  misinformation and disinformation carefully packaged, massaged, censored and manipulated into being left-slanted propaganda 24/7/365.

Margaret Thatcher said: “The facts of life are Conservative,” to which I countered, “But society’s white noise is leftist.” And it is. It takes a real effort to go against the tsunami of leftist messaging that washes over all Americans, to become only an independent thinker, much less a contrarian.

Yes, that is changing — you can thank pioneers like Rush Limbaugh for finally bringing real diversity into American news — but there is still a very long way to go before the stranglehold that the left has on most information dissemination is finally broken.

In the meantime, we see that the political Left is, indeed, engaged in desperate measures to prevent the loss of their monopoly on information. Even, say, ten short years ago, can you imagine anyone actually approving of widespread censorship? Blacklisting? Book banning? Book sales suppression?

Yet, today, institutions controlled by the Left are actively and aggressively and openly engaged in those very fascistic activities, all in order not to lose their control over who hears what and when, and therefore their influence on who thinks what and when.

I know, I know… you’ll suggest that I go too far. But, it is, obviously, true that Social media engaged in active suppression of pro-Trump speech and thought dissemination over the past year. It engaged in active suppression of speech and thought critical of Biden.

These things are beyond dispute.  This same censorship and suppression of disfavored information, has been going on, in a much more widespread way, in Hollywood, academia, the media and pop culture, for decades, and it’s only been gaining speed recently. Again, this is pretty obvious, and few, if any, dispute it.

So, where’s the hopeful news in all that? Well, you and I are more aware than ever of this, and we’re watching an explosion of alternative social media spring up, and grow rapidly.

You and I are joining them too. In droves! These are social media outlets that actively and aggressively support free speech and the exchange of actually diverse ideas and thinking. In other words: actual adults are finally reacting to the children running Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, et al.

“Locals,” “Parler” and other new social media outlets are on the march, and they represent a real threat to the ghouls that run the old, outmoded, and now fascistic social media giants.

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