COVID Straight Poop

I might get “some” pushback on this, but I’m kinda sick of the MASSIVE, MASSIVE, MASSIVE, MASSIVE, MASSIVE, MASSIVE, MASSIVE, MASSIVE overreaction to COVID that — it turns out — was all likely ginned up to defeat Trump, anyway.

Here’s what I think of COVID, of masks, of lockdowns, of “social distancing,” and of all this massively nonsensical hoo-hah in general:

We all should stop all this STUPID agonizing!

Is this thing — COVID DEMONSTRABLY worse than the flu?


Then, stop ALL the mask silliness. NO MASKS NEEDED. EVER! Except, MAYBE, in hospitals!

Cancel ALL lockdowns! Now! Open ALL schools! Now! Remove ALL restrictions from ALL businesses! Now!

Quarantine ONLY older people, and those with respiratory illnesses or other comorbidities, and return the country to NEARLY normal.

For crying out loud. Almost NOBODY has ANY risk whatsoever from this thing, except the old and infirm — who are at risk from EVERYTHING at ALL TIMES anyway!

We are WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY overthinking this thing!

NO ONE has demonstrated that COVID is ONE IOTA more serious than the flu… about which we do… practically nothing. Except, MAYBE, a PSA or two about getting a flu shot… that MIGHT be 25% effective.


— xPraetorius

10 thoughts on “COVID Straight Poop

  1. Massive fraud with emphasis on Massive. 😂

    I heard a nitwit on TV say he has to cancel Thanksgiving with his 90yr old parents. Too risky sez he.

    Sooooo, how many more days or holidays do your parents have sir? They could die tomorrow by falling down the steps. But noooo, common sense is forbidden in the land of the lunatics.

    But yep, do the right thing. Wear your stupid mask/ avoid all contac with loved ones/ you must save their lives!!!

    Good rant x-

    1. Thanks, CS! And, great rant in return!

      Boy, you said it about the nitwit with the 90-year old parents!!! Every moment with them is precious! How can he lose THANKSGIVING, of all days, with them?!?! When PART of Thanksgiving is giving thanks for all the blessings in our lives — like 90-year old parents.


      — x

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