Back by Popular Demand! Socialism is Bad… VERY Bad!

Socialism is Bad! Very Bad! — Because the people’s prosperity is incompatible with the government’s power.

The Socialist government’s most urgent need is to keep the people poor. More to the point, I can PROVE that Socialists are REALLY Capitalists, who embrace Socialism only because it represents a means for them to obtain power. Or, because they haven’t thought about it.

Do a little thought exercise with me:


Imagine that you live next door to a very rich man, while you’re struggling to make ends meet.

All of a sudden, a genie pops out of thin air in front of you! Whoa! He’s holding a box, and on the box are two big red buttons. One labeled “SOCIALISM” and one labeled “CAPITALISM.” The genie holds the box out to you and says, “You must push one of the buttons.”

You say, “Well, can I know what’ll happen when I push either button?”
The genie replies, “Sure. If you push the ‘Socialism’ button, your rich neighbor’s money will disappear and go to the government so that ‘the community as a whole will own or regulate it.’ I’ll make your rich neighbor equal to YOU.”

You think about it for a moment, and say, “Okay… what happens if I push the ‘Capitalism’ button?”

The genie replies, “That’s a little bit more complicated, but here goes: If you push the ‘Capitalism’ button, I’ll fill your bank accounts with enough money to make you as wealthy as your rich neighbor. I’ll make YOU equal to your rich neighbor.

BUT: you WILL have to manage your money to be able to keep it. When you HAVE it, there’ll be many who’ll be jealous of your wealth, and they’ll try to take it from you by any means, legitimate or illegitimate. Along with all your new money, will come the risk of losing it.”

You think about it some more and say, “I understand how the ‘Socialism’ button works — you take wealth that’s already there, in the possession of my rich neighbor, and you transfer it to the government. There’s no magic in that, but for the ‘Capitalism’ button to work, you fill up MY accounts with money that doesn’t exist yet. That MUST be magic!”

“No,” says the genie… “the ‘magic’ is in my establishing the rules, or lack of rules, for people’s interactions with other people. Under Socialism, I establish a system in which the government controls what transactions will occur, and how. I take nearly all risk out of that system, but in doing that, I also must remove nearly all reward. That’s what KEEPS you and your once-rich neighbor equal after my Socialist system has MADE you equal in the first place.

Here’s the most important thing to remember: the possibility of reward is THE reason people take the risks that result in the inventions that have made your life far better than in any other country of the world.

If you were to push the ‘Capitalism’ button, then I REMOVE the government’s ability to control your interactions. YOU’LL control the terms of all your interactions with other people. YOU’LL decide what goods and services to sell to whom, when and for what price. And if you decide well, the riches I give you today will increase rapidly. Here’s the simple secret of Capitalism: If you have a lot of money, it’s easy to get a lot MORE money. AND, it’s easy to lose it all. But, if you push the “Capitalism” button, no matter what happens, it’ll be due to what YOU’LL decide on your own behalf. YOU’LL control your own fate.

Here’s the most important thing to remember about Capitalism: Built into the system are BOTH the chance to become fabulously wealthy, AND the risk of becoming poor. Oh, and to fill up your account, I’ll use my own money, not magic. I’m a lot richer than your neighbor. 🙂 “

Now, which button are you going to push? The one where I make your rich neighbor equal to you? Or the one where I make you equal to your rich neighbor?”


Think about it for a moment, but not for long. The DECENT person would push the “Capitalism” button and ADD wealth, opportunity, dynamism and… risk, into the system. It’s not really all that difficult a choice, if the choice isn’t obfuscated in the fogwash of leftist deflections away from the awful truths of Socialism.

AND the SOCIALIST will push the “CAPITATLISM” button… because he, like most people, wants the money. Nothing wrong with that. We’re ALL secret capitalists, without necessarily even knowing it.

The people’s prosperity IS incompatible with the government’s power. Because prosperity IS power. The more prosperity YOU have, the less power the government has. Which is why in ALL Socialist countries the leaders live like the Sultan of Brunei.

It’s also precisely why under Socialism, the FIRST thing the government does is dispossess the people. And, the very FIRST people dispossessed are the wealthiest, then the very wealthy, then the merely wealthy, then the less-wealthy-but-still-wealthy, then the not-all-that-wealthy, then… you.
It’s because Socialism is NOT about “fairness,” or “equality,” or “justice,” of any kind, or “liberation,” or even about “punishing rich people.” It’s about power… and having some nice, pretty back story to convince people that you DESERVE power.

Telling the more numerous poor that you’ll take what the far less numerous wealthy have and give it to them (which never actually happens) IS that back story. Socialism.

Socialism is the biggest scam ever perpetrated against the people.
No Socialist who’s interested in power will ever admit any of that. But, it’s what’s happened EVERY time an overtly Socialist country is established. Furthermore, no Socialist who’s NOT interested in power will admit all this either… because genies with boxes and red buttons, who force Socialists to think through their ACTUAL beliefs… don’t exist.

Yet, EVERY Socialist who MIGHT meet such a genie… would push the “CAPITALISM” button anyway! There’s no such thing as a REAL, HONEST, no-foolin’ Socialist. When you scratch beneath the surface a bit, they’re all Capitalists, they just don’t know it.

Remember, someone who admits he’s a Socialist, is admitting he’s an idiot. Idiots don’t go very far into intellectual self-examination.

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