Socialism Take-down Essay #13

Essay #13: Socialism is Evil — Really Evil – No Recourse.

Why’s that, you say? Well, ONE good way to understand why Socialism is evil is fairly easily summed up in one word: Recourse.

Recourse is one of the most important things in your life. It’s what makes it easier to risk things like purchasing from a new vendor, or moving into a strange new neighborhood, or buying a house, or trying a new store. If you have “recourse,” then those with whom you interact KNOW you have recourse, and THEY have incentives to treat you right.

Oh, it doesn’t always work out, but recourse DOES, we all know, incentivize people to do right by people. Every time you’ve said to someone, “You should sue those b**tards” or, “Maybe you should shop at a different store,” or, “Find another mechanic,” you say that you know he has recourse.

Now, here’s the great part about that wonderful thing, recourse — you and I have MORE of it the closer the providers of goods and services are to us. If, for example, our healthcare is managed in Washington, D.C., then go ahead and try to get the decision changed to deny you a life-saving treatment because it might be too expensive. No recourse.

Great Britain’s socialized healthcare system — the NHS — routinely rations healthcare due to expense. If Britons have no recourse to private providers, they’re dead. Socialism kills.

Why do you think the Constitution EXPLICITLY denies various powers to Congress and the Executive? It’s the overt understanding that it’s very bad to have too much power in too few hands. Power distributed out to the people is FAR better than concentrated in a central locale.

Now, what do American Socialists want? You know, the Bernie Sanders’s and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s of the world — what do they want? Well:

  • They want the government in Washington, D.C. to take over transportation.
  • They want the government in Washington, D.C. to take over medicine and healthcare entirely.
  • They want the government in Washington, D.C. to take over energy.
  • They want the government in Washington, D.C. to take over banking and finance.
  • They want the government in Washington, D.C. to take over food distribution. If you take over transportation, you take over the distribution of ALL goods and services.
  • They want the government in Washington, D.C. to take over housing. Google “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” sometime.

With the above particulars, American Socialists show that they want to consolidate VAST power in a very few hands in Washington, D.C.

But… what do YOU do when you don’t LIKE the fact that you can’t buy a car anymore, and HAVE to take public transportation? Where’s your recourse?

To whom do you complain when the IPAB (The Independent Payment Advisory Board — to be reconstituted under President Biden — it’s Sarah Palin’s much-derided “Death Panel.”) tells you that you can’t have that treatment because it’s too expensive, and now you know you’re going to die? Oh, well… no recourse.

What if you don’t LIKE the way your new government-run bank treats you?

What if you don’t LIKE the new mandates to turn your heat down in the winter, and the A/C off in the summer?

Well, complain to “Washington,” of course!

Yeah… right. THAT’ll get you REALLY far! After all, “Washington” so desperately CARES about li’l ol’ YOU, and all that YOU care about! And “Washington” empathizes with you!

Yeah… Okay.

Whether it’s lining you up in front of a firing squad, or denying you the healthcare you need to stay alive, or death from a thousand cuts, as it steadily degrades your quality of life, Socialism kills… it’s just a question of how.

— xPraetorius

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