Socialism Take-down Essay #1

Essay #1: It’s Important to Level Set

Sometimes it’s important to level set. And it’s important to know that Socialism is a REALLY ugly thing.

Socialism’s various flavors: Communism, Naziism, Maoism, Hoism, Khmer Rouge régime, the Kims’ régime in North Korea, Castroism, Titoism, and so forth, are responsible for more misery, impoverishment and death than any other single cause in human history.

Here’s a brief synopsis of why Socialism is horrible:

>  Historically, oppression has always come from the government.

  • Under Socialism the government has all power.

>  The single most important form that government oppression has historically taken was: preventing the people from owning or controlling land.

  • Land is power.
  • Under Socialism, the people cannot own or control  land.
  • Socialists openly boast about their goal to deprive the people of the right to own land.
  • Otherwise stated: Socialists openly boast about their goal to deprive the people of power.

>  Furthermore, money — capital, or wealth — is power.

  • Capitalism eliminated poverty for billions by allowing land ownership and control, which brought about the single most significant economic innovation in all of human history: ECONOMIC MOBILITY.
  • Economic mobility means that people can amass wealth, and therefore power.
  • Under Socialism, economic mobility would be eliminated, returning this aspect of society to caveman days.

>  Economic mobility allows SOCIAL mobility.

  • Socialism’s goal of a “classless society” implies the elimination of social mobility, returning this aspect of society to caveman days.
  • Remember: Socialists openly boast of their plan to deprive people of land ownership, which is the key component of economic mobility, which facilitates social mobility.

>  Economic and social mobility are vital components of POLITICAL mobility. Under Socialism, economic and social mobility are severely limited. This aggressively deprives the people of political POWER.

  • With economic and social mobility highly restricted, or nonexistent, the only way to advance politically under Socialism is through corrupt means.
  • This also represents a return to caveman days.

      •  Observation: Socialism is the urge to reject real human progress and return to the primitive.

>  “Capitalism” is a name for: minimal constraints on the people’s economic, social and political mobility.

  • Socialism imposes strict limits on those aspects of life.
  • Where there is Capitalism, it’s because people have DISMANTLED the default oppressive structure of society: Socialism.

>  Socialism imprisons the people in highly restrictive economic, social and political structures designed to bring about: equality.

  • Remember to be equal, means not to have the ability to excel, to surpass, to move beyond, to be unequal.
  • Economic, social and political equality require that the people be limited, restricted, shackled, imprisoned.

>  Yet: To restrain the people, is to be restrained yourself. It’s HARD WORK to control the behavior of others.

  • To maintain the obligatorily restrictive societal structures, Socialists are always dependent on a rigid, powerful, militarized policing protocol: Secret Police.
  • Socialism requires muscular, heavy-handed, coercive policing, or else the people will be tempted to progress beyond what is permitted under Socialism.
  • Socialism establishes, essentially, a prison camp society, with two classes of people: jailers and inmates, controllers and the controlled.
  • I probably shouldn’t have to mention it, but it’s a whole lot less effort to allow people their freedom.

>  Finally:

  • Let’s not forget those pesky 120-140 million dead bodies littered in mass graves around the world, thanks to Socialism.
  • No other single man-made phenomenon has killed more people… in all of history.
  • Come to think of it, no NATURAL phenomenon — other than time — has killed as many people in all of history.
  • In point of fact the only thing that has killed as many of ANYTHING in such a short time, is: the asteroid that wiped out nearly all life on the planet 60 million years ago.

>  Summary:

  • Capitalism is less a structure or an ideology than it is a name for the LACK of such structures and ideology.
  • Socialism is an ideology that expresses itself in tightly-defined, highly-restrictive governmental structures, rigidly controlling people’s economic, social and political activities.

      •  Capitalism is seen as an ideology, because at one point, it represented the ACTIVE dismantling of limitations on the people’s economic, social and political activities. What remains then is what’s left when you raze and clear away any sprawling, rotting edifice: Opportunity.

  • Prior to the advent of Capitalism, Socialism didn’t need a name, because it was the default system in place throughout the world.
  • Societies throughout the world, throughout history, always WERE very flat, highly unstratified, highly egalitarian… SOCIALIST societies — characterized by a few, mostly impoverished bottom layers — the serfs, the slaves and the peasantry — along with a few fabulously wealthy, powerful, top layers: the aristocracy, the landowners, the rich and powerful. This is overly simplistic, of course, but there is no way to differentiate between the economic and socio-political structures of a Socialist country, a feudal country, and a caveman society.
  • After the advent of Capitalism, the name “Socialism” was needed in order to give a label to the political Left’s reactionary effort NOT to progress to a better world, but rather to restore the ancien régime. This would be the restoration of what had always been before. Before Capitalism, the default system — from caveman days ’til only very recently — was: Socialism. Socialism never needed a name, because it was all there had ever been.
  • Before Capitalism, Socialism did have other names: serfdom, feudalism, slavery, monarchy, dictatorship, empire — all names for societies and institutions structured almost identically to what Socialists today call “Progressive.”
  • Capitalism liberated billions from the extremely flattened, highly egalitarian, violently oppressive society that had long been in place everywhere: Socialism.

— xPraetorius

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