Passing Thoughts…

(In response to someone on Facebook who wondered whether we should expect more from our politicians in the realm of public and private morality)

One thing I’ve always thought: There is no reason we should consider politics a more noble calling than, say, plumber or electrician. Therefore, our expectations of politicians ought not to be higher than our expectations of our plumber or our electrician.

In a sane world, our expectations for BOTH would be equally elevated.
We scrutinize our plumber when he works on our sink to be sure that he’s not ripping us off. And we try to hire only the plumber whom we consider honest and trustworthy. Our sink is IMPORTANT to us!

We should be equally vigilant that we hire only honest, trustworthy politicians, and for the same reason.

The ONLY reason politicians engage in such outlandish chicanery is because over and over and over and over and over again, they’ve gotten away with it. Because, plainly, WE weren’t watching!

You know the old saying: “Why do you DO that?!? Because I can.” Well, they can because we let them.

Our “leaders” aren’t leaders — they’re followers. When they see an idea becoming popular among the people, they scramble to be the first to claim that THEY thought of it first!

Politicians have ridiculous morals — public AND private — because they think WE don’t care, and because they think they can. They arrived at that conclusion by observing us for clues as to how to act next.

There is a REASON the #MeToo gang nabbed mostly prominent left-wingers and leftist politicians. It’s because those leftists thought their leftism immunized them from paying for their jackassery. Because it always HAD in the past!

For how many decades had Harvey Weinstein been acting the pig? Remember what everyone said while they were all tsk-tsking after he was “caught?” It had been “an open secret” for decades! Yep. It was well-known, and he’d been getting away with it… for decades. Now, for how long had his chicanery been wrong? Don’t take TOO long to answer it; it’s not a trick question. The answer is: the whole frickin’ time!

Morality is neither public nor private. It’s moral… or it’s not. I expect my plumber to treat me right. I expect my President to treat me right.

I KNOW that the Left wing of American politics has abused me massively for decades, while the right-wing has abused me less. Morality includes other abuses as well.

I KNOW that the right wing will take less of the money I’ve earned and saved and give it to someone else; that they’ll let me speak freely in the public square; that they’ll act more vigorously in defense of the country; that they’ll act more vigorously in the face of someone who would steal from me; that they’ll act more vigorously in the face of people coming here illegally; that they’re more forthright, honest, less corrupt, less racist, less sanctimonious than the Left.

Oh, the right is not PERFECT by ANY stretch, but they’re a whole HECKUVA lot less IMPERFECT than the Left.

Nor is the Right perfectly moral either, but again, they’re a heckuva lot less IMmoral.

We should have high moral standards — don’t abuse or exploit ANYONE, EVER — for ALL people. And if whatever activity you’re talking about is wrong, then it’s wrong whether the doors are closed or not. There ARE some things that don’t need over-thinking.

— xPraetorius

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