Dark Horse… A Good Start?


Professor Bret Weinstein, of Evergreen college fame, proposes a new way to choose a President of the United States. It’s intriguing and, I think, a good first step at an alternative to our current contentious system. Weinstein advanced his idea on his “Dark Horse” podcast. It’s a podcast that he produces with his wife, Heather Heying.

However, it fails to address the primary REASON for today’s contentiousness: the bad faith, dishonesty, power hunger and corruption of the political Left — whose political arm is the Democrat Party.

By virtue of the fact that it’s controlled by the corrupt political Left, the Democrat Party is incurably corrupt too. Weinstein, whom I admire greatly, proposes a Presidency composed of a “team” of one leftist and one rightist who would act cooperatively, and who would swap the Presidency and the Vice-presidency periodically. Each would be term-limited out after having served in the Presidency some number of years.

The potential problems here are numerous, but one can see some improvements too. However, there’s nothing wrong with good faith efforts by intelligent people to improve things in America. Below is a very brief analysis of Prof. Weinstein’s idea, along with some other thoughts.

At first glance, I liked it… until I thought it through. I DO consider it an excellent first stab at improving things that plainly need improvement. However, NOTHING meaningful can be done when one of the major political parties openly acts and speaks in bad faith, and when the Fourth Estate covers for the bad faith actors every time.

A potential problem for Prof. Weinstein’s idea arises when you imagine its prevailing. Now what? Who decides who’s “right” and who’s “left?” Well, the short answer to that is: the new power brokers in the new system. I’m not sure that replacing what we have now, with powerful eminences grises hidden in the shadows and pulling the strings of the President would be an improvement.

I’ve watched quite a few of Prof. Weinstein’s podcasts and haven’t seen where his system would prevent what I described above.

Weinstein DOES admit that his side — the political Left — has to stop acting in bad faith for his notion to work. (Parenthetical aside: when you poke at Weinstein’s professed “leftism,” he turns out to be a LOT further to the RIGHT than he might want to admit.)

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn described history as a series of “knots” in which various currents of thought arrive at a central point at the same time, and fight it out for primacy. That image makes sense to me, and I think we’re arriving at such a “knot.”

A note of hope. Leftist thinking, bereft as it has been of any meaningful challenge from the media, from academia or any other prominent American institution, is old, fat, flabby, weak… Joe Biden seems the PERFECT — inevitable? — exponent of leftism today!

However, Conservative thinking is challenged, derided, sneered at, condemned… from the moment it appears. When WE do our thinking and our formulations of potential solutions, WE have to PRE-consider the inevitable tsunami of accusations of Racism! Sexism! This-o-phobia! That-o-phobia! You hate children! You hate women! Etc., etc., etc…

The point: When WE advance an argument, it’s already several steps ahead in the honing and adjusting, and re-thinking, and re-considering processes that ALL thinking should undergo.

When the Left proposes something, they think that the proposal is perfect and complete from the moment of its birth! It requires no further adjustments or tweaking or re-thinking… because all the loud voices in the media and academia and Hollywood and pop culture tell them so.

Bottom line: OUR thinking is stronger, more flexible, more commonsensical, more logical… more tested. If we COMPETE in the war of ideas, we will WIN the war of ideas.

So, the Dark Horse idea is interesting and creative, but it’s not — at this point — a solution. The simple reason: It ignores the elephant in the room: Leftist bad faith, dishonesty and corruption.

— xPraetorius

Today’s Funny:

Meme spotted somewhere: “I just found out that my uncle, a life-long Republican, is voting Democrat this election. This would’ve never happened if he were still alive.”

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