Some Brief Further Thoughts on Socialism

The human condition is ALWAYS to improve its current condition. It’s one of the reasons why Bill Gates goes from being worth 30 billion dollars to being worth 50 billion dollars. He didn’t do it because he thought he would be less happy in doing it.

Money doesn’t “buy happiness.” Money is nothing more than a tool that can facilitate your pursuit of happiness, as YOU see it for YOURself.

However, the thing that ALL economies have in common is that they’re measured in terms of money — a means of exchange — in some way.

Socialism is a political AND economic belief system, so the terms of any discussion about Socialism have to account for money. And in Socialism, money — and land, and personal property — ARE equated with happiness.

Famous Socialist Josif Stalin himself once famously said, “Life is becoming happier, life is becoming more gay” (using the original meaning of the word “gay.”) It was in the context of a speech on how GREAT the Soviet economy was doing in bringing about an improved material standard of living for Soviet citizens. It was all a lie… life was becoming more grim, more impoverished, more deadly, more perilous… Socialists can’t prevent themselves; they MUST say the opposite of what’s actually the case.

There’s nothing in Socialism that has any level of sympathy for those who fall through safety net systems. Socialism is a purely utilitarian belief system, and the person is merely one unit of measure among others. If a person’s value dips below his ability to be a net positive contributor to where the Socialist believes society ought to go, then the human is expendable. Cf, eg: The Liverpool Pathway. Cf. also: The Holodomor. An entire country was seen as problematic, so Stalin starved 20 million or so of them to death.

Some try to pretend that Stalin wasn’t a Socialist; that he was a Communist and that a Communist and a Socialist are NOT the same thing. It was STALIN’s point of view that the Soviet Union needed to STOP in its then state of Socialism, while Stalin’s sworn enemy, Leon Trotsky wanted the “permanent revolution” that would lead directly from Socialism to Communism.

Stalin WAS, indeed, a member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, but that made him a Communist only in an aspirational sense. He was in REALITY a deeply committed Socialist.

Really, Socialism is LITTLE cyanide, and Communism is BIG cyanide — they’re just different doses of the same deadly poison.

On the other hand, it is Capitalism that produces the highest degree of societal understanding that a person has value purely because he’s a human being. Socialism’s confiscatory, leveling, coercive society heavily damps down the charitable instinct in people. More to the point, I’ve long thought that Socialistic programs CAN BE valid TEMPORARY responses to immediate exigencies, but are detrimental to EVERYONE’s future, because they don’t ALSO “teach the man to fish.”

If Socialism were a decent belief system, then its highest, most sacred aim would be to make itself obsolete. Instead, though, Socialism’s highest aim is merely self-perpetuation.

What happens when people realize that Socialism has a theory AND Socialism has a very REAL historical reality, that very closely resembles what we’ve been describing in this recent mini-series of essays? Then people would realize what they really kinda already know: it all sounds very pretty, but when it’s put into practice, it’s a really, REALLY bad, ugly thing.

If people understand all these things, then, regardless of how they vote in 2020, they’ll set about to doing some very good things that would turn the country, and the world, around and finally permit REAL progress.

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