We Were Right, Then Wrong, Then Right Again…Aaaaaaaaaand, We’re Wrong Again!

In a recent — May 1st — post (link) we pointed out that we’d predicted Joe Biden’s political demise, then we’d been forced to admit that we were wrong, then that demise appeared inevitable again, and now Biden is the nominee of the Democrat Party to be the President of the United States of America.

So, we’re wrong again.

Creepy, Sleepy, Pervy, Senile, Dopey, Gaffy, Uncle Joe is the one the Democrats chose! In 2020’s warped re-telling of the famous fairy tale, he’s all seven dwarves rolled up into one! And Snow Partly-White is his VP pick!

But… in the above-linked post, we kind of hedged our bets. We acknowledged that we were shocked that Biden had survived politically that long, and suggested that if he were to become the Democrat Party nominee, and win election, he might not survive long in office. Meaning: top Democrats know full well that he’s Creepy, Sleepy, Pervy, Senile, Dopey, Gaffy, Uncle Joe, and they don’t want him anywhere near the White House! But, they need a Democrat in there, so he’ll do for the moment, until they can, shall we say, “replace” him.

There’s precedent for Presidents vacating the Oval Office soon after their arrival. William Henry Harrison served 31 days before expiring from a bad cold brought on by his long-winded acceptance speech. I guess the pen is mightier than the sword!

The others, except FDR,  who left office before their terms were up, were… ummm… “helped” to leave. 

If Biden wins the November election, he too will be “helped” to leave office, to clear the way for the dummy Kammy. Either through gentle persuasion, or less polite means. Oh, they’ll let him stay in office for a quarter or two, to pretend that he was really The One all along, but that’d be it. 

Aaaaaaaaaaand, then we’d be right again…

Only it’d be too late: VEEP Snow Partly-White would be President Snow Partly-White. Again, this is 2020 — nothing is as it used to be. It’d be as if the dwarves save Snow White from her apple-induced coma (Yep, there’s pun-gold in there too!), and when she comes to, she rousts them from their hut, takes over the place, and forces them into a retirement home.

Here’s a distillation of our summary of why Joe Biden was toast back on May 1st: He’s an idiot. However, we should have known that mere idiocy has never been something that would prevent anyone from rising to the tippety-top of America’s Democrat Party! Forthwith, that distillation:

The brilliant inarticulate person has to choose from hundreds of important, relevant ideas, supporting facts and information, each with a subjective degree of importance to his speech at that moment. The brilliant inarticulate person simply sees more than others, and struggles to distill it all in order to present it in what he hopes is the most effective, coherent way possible.

Then, there are the inarticulate ones, whose heads are cluttered with nonsense, with vague, wispy notions, intermingled with choking, steaming piles of rotting debris composed of long-discredited thoughts, moronic ideas, unfelt, unbelieved, but absolutely essential nostrums and platitudes.

That person is an idiot. He’s spent his adult life filling his head with such crap, never questioning it, never jettisoning the dross and, as an inevitable consequence, has only steaming crap to pull from his brain when speaking. That’s Joe Biden. Biden certainly knows by now that anything he says sounds ridiculous when he says it. Because he struggles so hard just to get it out.

That all, at least, is true. 

— xPraetorius

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