How to Get Rid of the Nonsense Term “Democratic Socialism” — Overnight!

Time to be a bit mischievous!

First, a simple truth: There’s no such thing as “Democratic Socialism.” Socialism is, by definition, NOT democratic. Why? Simple: “Democracy” implies the possibility of voting into office people who might undo what the Socialists are doing!

Socialists are NOT in it to re-configure society, and then just have someone come along, get democratically elected, and UN-re-configure it! So, anyone who says he or she is a “Democratic Socialist” is either entirely clueless (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), or lying to you (Linda Sarsour), or both (Bernie Sanders).

“Democratic Socialist” and “Democratic Socialism” are nonsense phrases. No one should take seriously anyone who pretends there’s such a thing as “Democratic Socialism.”

Anyway, I have a way to get rid of that nonsensical phrase altogether. And it would happen overnight.

And it COULD happen NEXT WEEK!

Here’s how to make that lovely thing happen: During the upcoming Republican convention, someone should get up on the dais and say, ever so casually, something like this:

“Ya know? I’ve been thinking. There’re a bunch of people in the Democrat Party who call themselves “Democratic Socialists,” and I think that’s quite a mouthful, don’t you? Since, these people are a BIG part — and gettin’ BIGGER! — in the Democrat Party, we’re gonna have to use that term a lot more, so I think it oughta be a whole lot shorter, and I have a suggestion.

So …(pause) we call “National Socialists” Nazis, right? And that’s pronounced “NOT-sees.” Well, I think we should start callin’ the Bernie Sanderses and the Linda Sarsourses and the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezes of the world (very brief pause): Dezis. That’s  (slowly and clearly): “DET-sees.” And it’d be spelled: “D-E-Z-I-S”

I mean, the Nazi movement came from Germany. So did the so-called “Democratic Socialist” movement! ALL that nonsense came from Germany, by way of that numbskull Karl Marx! Now, I don’t hold it against Germany, but I sure do hold it against Marx!

Now, Democratic Socialism in the German language is “Demokratischer Sozialismus.” That’s an even BIGGER mouthful! Just call it: “DET-see-ism!” And it’d be spelled: “D-E-Z-I-I-S-M” or “D-E-Z-I-S-M.” Some people’ll probably leave out the second “i”.

Whadda-y’all think?”

(Can you tell that I have a picture in my mind of an aw-shucks, easy-goin’ Texan kinda guy deliverin’ those words, in an easy-goin’ Texan kinda drawl?)

Then, of course, if several OTHER speakers were to use the term “Dezi” and “Dezis” and “Deziism,” that same night, or later nights, that’d cement it! The nonsense term “Democratic Socialism” would disappear from the media AND from the mouths of the Sanderses and the AOC’s of the world — OVERNIGHT!

It’d TAKE OFF if a PROMINENT Republican were to say all that! And, let’s face it, Naziism IS Socialism, so it’s not even off the mark.

Whadda-y’all think?”

— xPraetorius

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