Thank Joe Biden!

Americans owe a big debt of gratitude to Joe Biden.

Biden’s the ultimate truth-teller… a man who 
literally cannot tell a lie.

Joe Biden is… well, let’s face it, he’s a man on a steep downward intellectual trajectory. He’s also at the very tippy-top of the American Democrat Party.

But, Biden is also a gift. A gift to all Republicans, to all Conservatives, to all Americans. It’s become increasingly obvious that the effect of Biden’s growing dementia is to remove the intellectual filters that all Democrats have in place at all times.

Democrats know what they absolutely cannot do: they can never tell America what they truly intend to do when and if they take power. They can never, ever, not ever, not in a million years… tell the truth.

Joe Biden is now the roguest of all roguey rogue Democrats: one who has no choice but to tell the truth. Or what he thinks is the truth.

America should listen to him.

Joe Biden has now said — twice! — that black Americans all think alike. He said, perfectly clearly, that if you have to think about for whom to vote — between him and Donald Trump — well then, “you ain’t black.”

He spoke for the entirety of the Democrat Party leadership. This is what Democrats actually believe.

Then, Biden said, something to the effect of, “Unlike hispanics, all blacks think alike.” (summarizing)

And, again Biden spoke for the entirety of the Democrat Party leadership. (Though, I shouldn’t have to point out that he is the very tippety-top of the Democrat Party leadership!) This is what Democrats actually believe.

These are not coincidental declarations. Biden was emphatic when he said them. Fist-pounding, jaw-jutting, stern-gazed, dais-pounding, I’m-not-kidding-you, deadly serious about it. He meant it! And these were Important Declarations of Deep Principle for him.

Everyone on the Democrat side leaped to contradict genial Uncle Joe, telling us that, no, that’s not what Biden meant at all. In fact, they said, Biden meant… the exact opposite… of what he actually said!

Ah! I see now! So, we should all just believe the exact opposite of what Democrat Party leaders tell us? Heck, I knew that a long time ago! 🙂

Soooooooo… When Biden said, unmistakably, “All blacks think alike!” he really meant, “All blacks don’t think alike!” Get it?

When Biden said, unmistakably, “All black people vote alike — for me — or else they ain’t black!” he really meant, “All blacks vote according to their individual consciences, but they should vote for me.” You see that, doncha? C’mon, don’t you get it?!?

Yeeeeahh. Right. Okay.

Republicans, Conservatives…I’m commanding you to listen to Biden for crying out loud!!!

Biden’s an increasingly debilitated old man, whose deterioration has removed his conversational filters first… and hasn’t yet removed anything else!

But it will soon enough…

Unlike the legend of George Washington, Biden is truly a man who cannot tell a lie. The lie filter is gone, kaput, disappeared, lost in space.

The legend had it that Washington couldn’t tell a lie. Why? Well, because that would go against his moral belief system.

Biden can’t tell a lie, because, ummm, because he can’t tell a lie. Biden has become the real-life Jim Carrey in “Liar Liar!

In Biden, the power-mad, narcissistic, megalomaniacal instincts of all top Democrats are breaking down before the “put-two-words-together” capability disappears.

So, every time Biden says something, he says it without the filters that would prevent him from saying what he really means.

In other words, there’s nothing wrong with Joe Biden. He’s the quintessential Democrat… with all the filters removed. What he says — the “black people all think alike” stuff — is exactly what Democrats all think, but would never say out loud.

Or: Dementia improves Democrats.

— xPraetorius

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